Top 6 WordPress Themes for Building Your App’s Landing Page!


In today’s technology-focused world, having a web page is essential. The website will be an efficient marketing tool for all sorts of businesses, not least for those that have designed an app. With a professional looking website, you can give your app a touch of credibility – a good landing page will make your brand and app seem more serious and of a higher quality.


Of course, as an entrepreneur, you don’t have a lot of money to throw around. That’s why creating your landing pages on WordPress is a good idea. The site offers plenty of good themes that help you build a landing page for an app effortlessly and without breaking the budget. In addition, OZCodes.com.au offers entrepreneurs opportunities to save money with web hosting and image editing software vendors.






Creating a beautiful landing page for an app is not difficult nor is it expensive. Let’s examine the top six affordable WordPress themes for building your app’s landing page.




The ideal choice for app creators is Divi. The theme is perfect for creating a good first impression – the landing page will immediately draw the visitor’s attention with beautiful images. Furthermore, you won’t require any coding experience this and the theme still provides plenty of customization options. With the theme, you can add video, teasers, and images on the landing page to attract the visitor. You’ll even be able to add a funky countdown timer in case your app is launching at a later date.Divi is a paid theme, but you can try it for free.




Since your landing page will often be the first interaction people have with your app, you need it to work efficiently. For this, Uncode is a solid theme to choose. You can select from a number of different functions – you can design your own layout and add elements on the landing page simply by dragging and clicking. The big benefit of this theme is the SEO-friendliness. You don’t have to do much yourself, as Uncode will do things for you and suggest you ways to boost your search engine ranking. Uncode is a premium theme.




For something unique and colourful, you should consider choosing the ambitious Kalium theme. The theme is good for apps, but you could also benefit from its intuitive online shop design. You have a lot of plugin and feature options – it works with the popular WooCommerce e-commerce theme. The code is super lightweight, which means it’s easy to set up and it runs smoothly no matter what your hosting abilities. The responsive design also guarantees the landing page works with all sorts of devices and browsers. You’ll need to pay a one-off payment to use Kalium.



Massive Dynamic

If you’d like something unique and modern, Massive Dynamic might be the most interesting theme on the list. The theme comes with a super-intuitive navigation system and while the design is rather simple, it offers a few quirks to catch the attention of the visitor. Massive Dynamic offers plenty of customisation options and it might seem a little overwhelming if you’re building your first website. However, the tutorials will offer you a tonne of inspiration in terms of how to use the theme’s little functionalities. You’ll need to spend a little money to enjoy this theme.




Hatch is a great pick because of the adaptability of the theme. It comes with an exclusive set of plugins that you can put to good use, as you need more from the site once the business grows. The design is stylish and polished – it can suit technological apps and those that are more playful in style. You don’t need to be a tech genius to use the theme, but it also offers plenty of tweaking for those versed in coding. To make things easier for you, plenty of great demo websites and templates are available – so you can get your landing page up and running in an instant. Hatch is not a free plugin, but it has a one-off subscription.




For technology companies, the landing page has to be an innovative site with creative design. If your app needs the same qualities, you should opt for Stratus. The theme uses extensive coding and it offers plenty of opportunities for tweaking the design and the functionalities. The toolkit is not too difficult to use – you can get a lot out of the landing page without a lot of effort. Even though the coding is extensive, you still don’t need to worry about clunky loading times. Stratus will run smoothly even when you use many of the features. Stratus is a premium, paid theme.



Top 6 WordPress Themes for Building Your App’s Landing Page



The above are a great starting point for a landing page. Each one of the six themes offers something different, but all are suited for promoting an app. You could also use all of the above WordPress themes even if you’ve never built a website before. However, some might seem more complex so it’s a good idea to check them all out to find the perfect theme for your needs.


So, if you need a landing page for your app, check the above six WordPress themes. 🙂

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