How admitad CPA Network helps Affiliate Marketers to Make Money

Out of several marketing techniques and online money making resources, Affiliate marketing emerged as one of the favorites for either Advertisers or Publishers. However, the term “Affiliate Marketing” itself is broad which includes several performance based action such as CPL, CPA, CPC etc..

CPA stands for Cost-per-Action or Cost-per-Acquisition which inspires publishers to drive sales by motivating consumers to perform some actions with respective ads. If you notice, many affiliate marketers claim that revenue from CPA marketing is huge in comparison with other resources for making money. In case, If you are familiar with CPL (Cost per lead) then you can find a common similarity regarding “Action and Performance” requirement in the both. If you ask what is an ‘action’ in CPA and CPL then you can notice a difference. CPA marketing sole objective is to get rewarded for generating sales whereas CPL requires to drive leads in the form of Signup for email, website, phone calls etc..

admitad CPA affiliate network

Now, the question is – How to get started with Affiliate marketing? How to choose a Trusted Network? What are the essential features it requires to opt a personalized network? So, I think after reading this article you will get some clarity.  If you notice, There are some famous CPA networks like ClickBank, admitad, shareAsale, CJ affiliate etc.. However, admitad seems a fast growing CPA affiliate network which expanded exponentially from a small team to 200+ employees in seven different countries.

Let me Introduce admitad and explain how they help affiliate marketers,

Something about admitad:

admitad is an International CPA affiliate network which has grown rapidly from the day of the foundation. Every affiliate marketer, blogger, digital marketers have shown huge interest in admitad because of their unique benefits. admitad provide various offers from different advertisers on their in-house platform. This helps affiliate marketers to start their niche-relevant affiliate campaign at any scale.

admitad CPA network was launched in the year 2010 with headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany. Due to continued focus on innovation with a desire to provide extraordinary support that brings better ROI , admitad turned a Global network within a couple of years by serving more than 500K+ publishers and partnered with top notch brands such as Aliexpress, Nike, Adidas, Citibank, eBay etc..

admitad CPA affiliate network

Why Join admitad?

  • admitad is an International CPA network with headquarters in Germany which has a huge list of offers regularly available to affiliate marketers.
  • They are working with over 1300 widely recognized international brands. admitad is currently among few CPA networks that have partnered with Aliexpress, Booking.com, Citibank, eBay, Target Microsoft, Nike, Adidas for regular offers.
  • This network has a strong publisher base from the US, the UK, Russia, Western Europe, and India that enables advertisers to run their marketing campaigns in the desired Geos.
  • admitad network’s analytics and an anti-fraud system give transparent and accurate results that motivate affiliate marketers to get better revenues in their campaigns.
  • Every publisher who signs up for admitad goes through the approval and checking process so the quality of his or her work within admitad network will always be good.
  • Another vital feature to note when joining admitad is their user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. The registration and all other processes are done neatly. The user’s progress from a registration point, to campaign management, and to the point of receiving his or her payments are very neat and quick.
  • You will never face any problem with the payment mode or time, Admitad follows weekly payment schedule, and they provide you with a variety of payment methods to choose. They have payment modes like wire transfer to any country, PayPal, etc. and the minimum payment threshold is only 10 dollars.
  • One of the new feature implemented in admitad is the Fast Payment mode, in which the publisher gets paid even before the advertiser pays the network for the conversions made. However, this service is approved only for some publishers who have been working for a long time with admitad.
  • admitad educates the publishers and affiliate markets on how does a customer feel and think while he is reading your landing page which makes the publisher see from the customer’s end. Using this skill the publisher can differentiate between real and spam advertising.
  • admitad has paired with many companies in different niches to provide the publishers with very good choices to choose the best campaign for their site or mode of monetization.
  • One of the areas of interest of admitad are mentioned below:
  1. E-commerce – Apparel, Accessories, Electronics, Household Products, Sports, Car Accessories, toys, etc.
  2. Computers and Mobile phones and its accessories
  3. Games – Online and Offline
  4. Services – Finance, Food Delivery, Coupon Services, Travel, etc.

Some of the Eye Catching admitad Features

Fully Personalized Network

Each Publisher on the admitad is assigned an account manager who will guide him or her through all the process that takes place inside the network. In the case of any issue with the network or your marketing campaign, you can contact them directly anytime and they will get it resolved within hours.

Another great feature of the network is that admitad provides you support service in your native language. That helps a publisher to get more clarity about the information or technical terms that the Client Manager refers or states.

Detailed and Transparent Analytics for Publishers:

Most of the CPA networks don’t do this, they always show some fake statistics and try to earn more for them, but admitad is something different, admitad provides a very transparent analytics of the advertising campaign.

This type of detailed and transparent sharing of the reports build more trust and reliability among the publishers in the network. You can export all the reports provided by the admitad network in XML or XLS and access it via MS Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

A Huge Number Of Useful Tools

The availability of tools is a vital thing in CPA Network, this is the reasons for some affiliate marketers switching from one network to another one, like admitad CPA network. The tools which the network provides will be very useful for the publishers and they make use of them to monetize their traffic in a better way than they could.

Some of the interesting tools that admitad network provides are fingerprint tracking, cross-device tracking, powerful anti-fraud technologies, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, advertiser toolbox, etc. The admitad API allows publishers to build their own personalized tools for their purposes.

How to join admitad?

As I have already mentioned in the Why one should join admitad CPA network section of the post, the registration process is very simple and the signing-up process is very quick. To register for the admitad publisher account, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit this link: www.admitad.com/en
  2. Now at the top bar, you will find a message “Sign up to be a publisher or an advertiser” with two clickable links, click on the publisher to sign up as a publisher.
  3. At the sign-up page, you can find a small country flag at the right top corner, click on it to choose between the countries, if you are using a VPN.
  4. Now the network asks you for three types of information the Account Information, create an ad space and Complete the Sign-Up process.
  5. Enter all the necessary details correctly and click on ‘submit’ for approval and that’s it!
  6. If your application is approved, you will receive a mail.

admitad signup

Join admitad Today


admitad CPA network is one of the rapidly growing CPA networks that I have used and I will personally recommend everyone to use admitad for CPA affiliate marketing. admitad has some of the best features and tools that others don’t have. This network is a must-try for everyone, the newbies can also start working in this network as there are lots of stuff to learn and with the client manager’s help you can easily succeed in CPA Marketing. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up for the admitad CPA Network.

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