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How to Enable/Recover a Disabled Facebook Account [Within 24 hrs]😉

Hello FB user, is your facebook account disabled? Then you’ve come to the right place! So you want to RECOVER your facebook account back to the normal state where you can start right away posting your updates, chatting with friends, even playing games, etc? 😉The good news is: Yes, you can Recover/Enable your Disabled Facebook Account! 🙂Nothing […]

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How To Get Your Facebook Page Verified with Blue Badge.

Hello friends, Tricks99 is back again with this new post. I’ve seen a lot of people asking me about How to verify a facebook page. So I’ve decided to share some information regarding what I know about this facebook page verification topic. And I don’t like to give an introduction about What is Verified Profile or Page? ‘Coz […]

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How to Secure Your Facebook Account for 100%

Hello everyone, today Tricks99 is back with a great post about How to secure your Facebook Account for 100%. I bet, if you follow all the below steps for how to secure facebook account, then no one can h*ck your facebook account. 😀 I always use to tell my personal quote to my friends, “ Don’t blame […]

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How to Remove Your Profile Name and Picture in Facebook Sponsored Stories-Social Ads.

Mostly many people might have seen that Facebook is using our profile names/profile pictures in Sponsored stories like Social Ads or Third-party Ads. So If you want to know about how to opt out yourself or how to stop facebook from using your profile name/photo in facebook social ads then have a look at the below part. Facebook gets […]

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How To Find Facebook Profile/Page ID.

Many Facebook users have this question in their minds – How To Find Facebook Profile/Page ID? Tricks99 is going to explain you now in a simple easy way. So to find facebook Profile/Page ID, click here.   There in the URL field, you will see as,       So now put your Facebook username of […]

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