Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review (2017)

The Wrist Band that tracks STEPS, CALORIES, SLEEP, HEART RATE

BY AVINASH S, APRIL 22, 2017, 04:00 PM

Mi Band 2 REVIEW
Mi Band 2 REVIEW
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Product Name:

Mi Band 2

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Fitness tracker


₹ 1,999 (around $32) 


I recommend this for everyone and check out below why I'm recommending this to you as I described everything in-depth!


Hello friends, today I'm back with the in-depth review of Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Xiamoi released this band on September 27, 2016. I wanted to buy it on day one itself by looking at the features, but due to some money problems, I haven't bought it at that time! :/ And I am always following the updates since from first day, by asking the reviews from my friends who purchased it! And Finally I purchased this on Jan 31, 2017 :)

The features which they said:



The improved pedometer algorithm in Mi Band 2 filters out unnecessary movements. This measures steps taken and exercise more accurate!



With a built-in motion sensor, Mi Band 2 knows exactly when you begin your workout.You don't have to switch modes or tell it before you start. It'll measure your heart rate to adjust the length and intensity of workouts. Keep calm and work toward your fitness goals!


How much total distance you travelled by wearing the Mi Band 2 daily? You'll know the in-depth data of the distance, steps, time travlled!


How much calories you burnt daily by walking with the Mi band 2 on your wrist!


Idle alerts send a gentle buzz when you have been sitting still for too long. These reminders tell you when it's time for a short walk or water break.


Your heart rate drops when you enter deep sleep! Heart Rate sleep assistant measures heart rate while you are asleep so that light and deep sleep patterns are tracked more precisely


Mi Band 2 carries your unique identity. When you are close to your Android smartphone, it unlocks instantly - no passcodes or finger print needed.


Send notification alerts straight to the wrist so you don't miss another call, message, or notification - especially when your phone is tucked away in a bag or pocket.


View daily, weekly, and monthly history for steps, sleep and heart rate via the Mi Fit app.It is the one place to get instant statistics, and allows you to manage alarms, notification alerts, and more.

Ok, so now I'm going to tell you about my personal feedback regarding the each feature above! [I also collected feedback from all my friends who are using this Mi Band 2]

I'm explaining all the features of Mi Band 2 about how they are performing, how they gonna help us, how's the accuracy levels of these features!

So let's start, 


First things first, let me tell you how this 'Steps' feature works

    • This 'steps' feature in MI band 2 works based upon your hand movements while walking, so thus not having any direct contact with your legs which makes steps! :D
    • For example, just stand straight and rotate your hand for 4-5 times, then these hand rotations will be taken as 4 Steps even though you didn't walked! Btw, I'm just explaining the concept - how it works, but not fooling the band algorithm! :P
  • In Some cases, steps count isn't accurate! Like if you go up or down on stairs! And also in some normal cases like if we walk too slowly or too fastly!

Conclusion: To be frank, I'm completely satisfied with the STEPS Count of Mi Band 2! :) You may tell me "But there's some inaccuracy!", See! I'm getting inaccuracy of extra 300-400 steps daily, so in my mind, I'll subtract 400 steps-count daily from the total! So problem solved! lol :D

We all have to agree one point that
'With 2k rupees budget, we can't get exact results'. At least we should be happy for this 80 % accuracy of Steps Count of Mi Band 2!
:-)  So I won't feel this as a big problem to me!



CALORIES and DISTANCE TRAVELLED  in this Mi Band 2 are calculated based on STEPS. So these 2 functions are directly proportional to the STEPS function in the software! 

  • As per review points, these 2 features are also working fine and I'm satisfied! :)


Lol, I'm getting laugh now! :D

You may ask me why? :P  Fine, No one in this world knows whether this HEART RATE feature in Mi Band 2 is accurate or not! 


I'm using this band from Jan 31, 2017, and till now it's a big mystery for me regarding the accuracy of this HEART RATE function! If you're running, your heart beat increases generally, the count here in MI Band 2 is also increasing, but I can't guarantee you anyway about the accuracy levels! So I ... sorry not only me, even all my friends telling 1 thing, if you want to buy RedMi Band 2, then you have to forget about the HEART RATE feature!

Ps: To be frank, for 2k rupees, no one can provide accurate results for this HEART RATE feature!


sleep stats

I'm really impressed by this Sleep Statistics feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 2! :)

I'm Not impressed just bcoz of the feature name, I'm saying that I'm impressed by the accuracy of the Sleep Statistics in Mi Band 2!

This sleep feature won't work unless we are wearing the Mi Band while sleeping!


  • The 'Proximity sensor' in Mi Band 2 detects the presence of skin and works as per that!
  • 'Accelero-meter' Sensor records the body movement! It uses your sleep movement pattern to define 'deep sleep' and 'light sleep'.

My Personal Sleep stats:


Each and every morning when I wake up, I check my sleep stats in Mi Fit App on my Smart phone! I verified many times, regarding "Fell asleep at", "Woke up at" timings are right or not, and 8/10 times, they are right! :)

Of course, I can't get inside the band machine in order to check "Deep sleep" and "Light sleep" accuracy, so I cannot comment on those 2 exactly! :D
But I personally believe that 80% accuracy is there for these 2 things!

Ps: If you want to check these 2 accuracy levels, do 1 thing, attach this MI Band 2 on your family member while sleeping and note down on paper: when they are moving while sleeping and what time they are moving and finally calculate the accuracy! lol :D

Btw, I forgot to tell you 1 thing, this 'Sleep Feature' works only during night time, I mean 'if you sleep at day time like noon or evening, it won't calculate/check how many hours you slept or at what time you slept! 


  • IDLE ALERTS are working perfectly! While I'm sitting and working on my computer, for every 1 hour I'm getting Idle Alerts in the Wrist Band and by seeing that, I'm going out for few minutes for a water break! :)


This 'CALLS & MESSAGES ALERTS' feature won't work unless you turn on the Bluetooth in your smart phone and connect it with your Mi Band 2

  • As the -ve point here is to turn on Bluetooth in mobile always, so if you are ready to turn on Bluetooth for maximum hours, then this is going to work perfectly for you! :)

    Even the Phone Number will be displayed in the Band during any calls or messages you receive! :D  Bluetooth range is also good as I tested upto 20 m range! 


This 'UNLOCKS PHONE' feature also won't work unless you turn on the Bluetooth in your smart phone and connect it with your Mi Band2

D:My postsred mi band 2 - reviewUNLOCKS_PHONE-red_mi_band_2.png
  • Fine, this is not an exciting feature which makes us feels Happy! As per performance, it's working absolutely fine! :)


  • They said that Battery Life will be upto 20 days when you charge it fully once! But I'm getting a battery life of 10 days only! I'm using all features on band, so that's why may be I'm getting only 10 days life!

Ok, so now coming to the last part, where we gonna see all the features performances in one place and in-depth on our Smart Phone, i.e, Mi FIT App.


steps details - mi band 2

Here in the MI FIT APP, we will see all the complete data regarding your Steps, Sleep, Heart Rate etc ..... You can even set Alarm on the band by using this App! Once you buy the Band, you have to  install this app on your phone and pair your band with the app by using Bluetooth! Once you open the app, you'll understand everything! It's so simple! :)

In order to use this Mi Fit App, you need to always turn on the Bluetooth on your Smart Phone so that it'll pair with your Mi Band 2 and fetch the latest data!

Compatibility: Devices with Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 or above with Bluetooth® 4.0 support

  • There's a small problem with the connectivity of MI Fit App on our smart phone with the Xiaomi Mi wrist band via Bluetooth! It's taking more than 1 minute of time to get connected and sync the data!

1 Common problem with Xiaomi MI Band 2 and it's solution!

Actually it may sound funny to you, but it's true! :D

Do you know that MI Band 2 counts steps when your body is in motion like if you are brushing your teeth or when you're travelling in bus or car, or when you playing Badminton or Basket ball!

Hahaha, well, there's a solution provided by them officially, there's a feature called "Behaviour tagging" in MI Fit App, so you need to open that and select your action, once you select, it'll pause the steps count in your MI Band 2 from the minute you turn on and you turn off your action in the "Behaviour tagging" in MI Ft App! This means, all that time, your phone and band should be connected via Bluetooth!

Behaviour tagging - Mi fit App


4   /   5

I always love to be frank with my blog no matter what the topic is! 

As I'm using this Xiaomi Mi band 2 from last three months, I've fallen in love with this! :)  Each and every single day, I'm using this and this wrist band helping me a lot in Sleep stats, Idle alerts and Steps! Just becoz of this band, I psychologically changed my mindset in terms of body fitness like walking instead of using bikes for smaller distances! I can't tell you my happiness when the band shows me the reward daily when I complete 8000 steps target! :D

So finally, I recommend everyone to buy this blindly! :)

Btw, if are you thinking to buy Mi Band 2, select the "black color" as it suits on all the dresses compared to the other colors which they are providing! :)