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123movies is dwelling in the hearts of million people for giving them a platform for watching various movies and TV shows at one place. This site has not restricted itself in one genre, it has a variety of genres.  But once for a while, on 19th March it did shock to its fans by announcing shutting down this website from the internet. They asked the users to pay for watching movies and shows they want to watch on the internet. Although still today some similar domain is available on the website but it seems that is of no use as it is too slow to watch online movies.


Although reports say, this website had 98 million visitors a month which is not a child game to have these much users. The Motion Picture Association of America tells that it was “the world’s most illustrious illegal site”. But when it got closed, an even similar appearing site could not perform as good as former one did.


But do not lose your heart there are way more wonderful sites which can help you in completing your desire. So yes you could definitely plan watching movies with your friends at your home and saving traveling time. Here is the list of 5 awesome websites just like 123movies. So discover these sites,




YES! Movies: YES! Movies, is the very first choice if anyone has to recommend free movie site alike 123Movies. It is good with large database, fast streaming speech and the first demand of audiences, NO ADS, it has ads but that is very few. YES! Movie site is very particular in its action as it is on regular basis. Almost all sorts of movie and TV shows is streaming on this site in good quality. Also it provides stuffs in a quick moment that it saves your time and energy both which you have to drain on other slow sites. There is one trait which makes this site demandable because of its IMDB rating, Country, Length, Year, etc, is given for more convenience. It is a free website which takes good care of its audience.


Vumoo: After YES! Movies, Vumoo has become second choice of every movie buff. You do not need to hover for watching movies online. You just have to google Vumoo for enjoying your time in the company of movie in good quality. Vumoo is also updating its database which is the first notice of any avid movie watcher. It also takes care of its audiences as they find multiple choices here in both movies and TV shows. It gives information to its watcher about, this week section, currently watching, New Releases, Recently added, most demanding etc. Do not worry about signing up or creating an account for using Vumoo.


Sony Crackle: Sony Crackle is worldwide popular site for watching online movies. It is being counted as one of best replacement of 123Movies, as it has earned worldwide popularity it has millions of users from all over the world. But for having the pleasure of this website you need to sign up, make an account. On the other side, the movies and TV shows which stream on Sony Crackle are of good quality, no complaints in quality. There are genres such as Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi, Adventures etc. It has also download option for their applications.


PopCornFlix.com: It is another rated for best substitute of 123Movies. PopCornFlix is much sorted with its choices as different category are being provided according to the taste of audiences. Audiences can pick up their choices from different genres such as Romance, Adventure, Horror, Comedy and Sci-fi. So both the movies and TV shows of every genre are available on PopCornFlix.com. The website is being updated daily for keeping its user base growing. There is an option for downloading app for watching movies and the TV shows in one go. Enjoy your time with PopcornFlix.com.


VexMovies: Due to its best quality VexMovies has proved itself as one of best replacement of 123Movies. It has quiet managed its webpage and catalog for the convenience of users. Yes you have landed on the perfect website as VexMovies do not have any ads, which is the most scariest and irritating thing for any users. Enjoy ads free movies and TV shows. It feels awesome when you just have to simply click and watch your movies as it is also good with internet speed. There is one more good news regarding this app that it even works in mobile browser which is indeed good news! It even works in iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is highly concerned when you are in quest of ads free websites for taking pleasure in movies, you must give it a short.


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