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Tricks99.net is a technology blog where you can know many things about facebook, android, windows, mobiles, computer, software, earn money etc.

Tricks99 was launched on May28, 2013 and hosted at blogger.com on earlier days and now migrated to wordpress.

Founder and CEO – Avinash S

About Avinash: 

He is from Andhra Pradesh, India. With studies, he loves to blog everyday with his lappy. He likes computer and other related stuff a lot and he is a great music lover.

About us - Avinash Prince - www.tricks99.net


He considers blogging as the world where people can get engaged with many new things and can gain more knowledge and he says that blogs are an open place where everyone in the world can come and learn many new things, share their own experiences.

You can contact him on facebook: Aviņash Priņcę, Google+ Avinash or you can also contact by using this Contact forum.

As a reader of this blog, you are our important critic and commentator. Never hesitate to ask any doubts or questions regarding our articles.

Tricks99 will be always there to help you with open arms. Happy Blogging. 🙂