How to Memorialize or Remove a Dead person’s Profile on Facebook.

It is so hard for us to survive when any one of our friends or family or loved ones passes away. We can never forget them in our life and their memories will continue till our last breath. Recently I’ve lost my friend in an accident. So I know that pain. I daily use to visit his profile to collect memories, to see his pictures. ūüôĀ ¬† But one thing I’ve noticed is, his profile was appearing in Suggestions for People You May Know, Birthday reminders, Apps, Sponsored stories etc in facebook. So I’ve personally investigated to what to do for his profile to not to appear in those type of suggestions, reminders, apps etc. So with that personal experience, I’m writing this post,¬†How to Memorialize or Remove a Deceased Person’s¬†Profile on Facebook.


First of all, you should notice the difference between¬†Memorializing a deceased person’s account and Removing a¬†deceased person’s account.¬†When you memorialize something, you honor it or do something so that it will be remembered. So in the same way, facebook¬†memorializes the¬†deceased persons accounts to protect their privacy and maintain their legacy. Removing a¬†deceased person’s account means permanent removal of that account in facebook where you can never see that profile or data on facebook.


So coming to the topic – account memorialization, I’m writing some important points below¬†based on what facebook said¬†about what happens when a deceased person’s account is memorialized,

  • Facebook does not allow anyone to log into a memorialized account.
  • Once account is memorialized, we cannot modify it in any way like adding or removing friends, modifying photos or deleting any pre-existing content posted by the person.
  • Friends can share posts on deceased person’s wall depending upon the privacy settings of his/her account.
  • Anyone can send private messages to the deceased person’s profile.
  • Content the deceased person shared (ex: photos, posts) remains on facebook and is visible to the audience it was shared with.
  • Memorialized Timelines don’t appear in public spaces such as in suggestions for People You May Know or Birthday Reminders etc.
  • Groups solely belonging to a memorialized account will be able to select new admins, while Pages will be removed from Facebook.


So now it’s your choice whether to memorialize the account or to remove the account in facebook. I’m gonna explain both ways, so choose the appropriate option as per your choice.


How to Memorialise a Deceased Person’s Profile on Facebook:


Click here and fill that form as per I shown in the below image,





You should fill-up all the options in that form. When you finish, finally click ‘Send’ button.

  • You should submit proof of death like link of an obituary news which we publish in news paper.¬†¬†For example, click here¬†to get an idea about obituary news.
  • You should submit email id which is connected to that particular facebook account.

Tip: If you don’t know the email id, try to submit his fb email id. example- [email protected] But i’m not sure whether this tip works or not. Just try it if you don’t know the email id.


If you don’t have¬†proof of death like link of an obituary news to memorialize an account, you can submit¬†death certificate, the deceased person’s birth certificate, or proof of authority by clicking here. In this form, you have to select the option ‘Please memorialize this account’ ¬†under the question ‘How can we help you?’.


So till now, we have seen about¬†memorializing deceased person’s¬†account. So now we will see about removing deceased person’s account,



How to Remove a Deceased Person’s Profile on Facebook:


Click here and fill that form as per I shown in the below image,


How to Remove a Deceased Person's Profile in Facebook.

Select the option ‘Please remove this account’ ¬†under the question ‘How can we help you?’.¬†You should fill-up all the options in that form and¬†finally click ‘Send’.


So that’s it guys. If you have any doubts regarding memorializing or removing a deceased person’s profile on facebook, please leave your questions in the below comment box.

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