Blogging Vs. Vlogging—Which Earns You More Money?

Hola, in the early days of the internet, blogging dominated netizen expressions! (Remember MySpace?) But as internet has gone high-speed, video is now rapidly rising as the dominant form of content online. Blogging now has a cousin-vlogging. 😀 If you want to create an online personality and possibly make money, it’s worthwhile to consider whether you should just blog or start a vlog.


Let’s get some definitions out of the way. Blogging refers to writing blog posts, which are mostly composed of text with some pictures and infographics thrown in here and there. Vlogging is essentially a video form of blogging, where instead of writing, you speak and perform various actions in front of a camera. Bloggers are mostly on WordPress, while vloggers almost exclusively use YouTube.


Technically, it’s possible to be a blogger and a vlogger. Some vloggers may have blogs with text articles, while some bloggers may occasionally post videos of themselves on YouTube. However, in order to monetize, you must master either one of these forms.

Undoubtedly, there are individual bloggers and vloggers who have become quite successful. But which of these makes the most money? Check out an examination of this issue below:


You Can Blog about Anything

Most people still blog because the format is convenient and flexible. For example, you can start blogging about Traveling. Occasionally, you can also include blog posts in there that refer to related by different subjects. You can even have guest blog posts.




You can vlog about various things as well. But, this format is not as flexible. Vloggers have to perform for the camera. That means planning a short video segment with real settings and clear audio. Your vlogging interests will be limited by these requirements. If you are a blogger, you can even blog about places you haven’t been to and include pictures. But vlogging requires a strong physical presence to succeed.

Vlogging has an advantage here as the popular content format. Bloggers are at a disadvantage because of the high levels of competition. Some topics are so saturated, bloggers will have to find unique niches to actually monetize. Vlogging is still on the rise, so there are plenty of topics to choose from and generate revenue.


Vlogging May Require More Capital

So many people get into blogging because it’s almost free to do so. If you want to blog, you can set up a site for free. You only need to pay for a unique domain. You can get good looking free themes, and you can use for free hosting! [But if you want a more professional look, then you need to buy a theme, hosting which are available at low cost too]

The situation is much different for vlogging. YouTube, the leading vlogging platform, is free to use. However, you will have to spend money on good equipment such as cameras and mics. You may have to spend $500 or over for a great vlogging camera, according to a number of experienced vloggers.



This doesn’t include expenses for maintaining sets at home—and expense bloggers don’t have to face. Some of these expenses may take out a chunk of ad revenue. Then again, most vlogging expenses are one-time requirements unlike for blogging, when the hosting bill has to be paid every month or every year. That means you may only need the overhead capital and then you can go on to make money by vlogging.



Weighing in Ad Revenue

Both bloggers and vloggers monetize using mainly ad revenue. There are both advantages and disadvantages each side has to face here.

Bloggers generally have more ways to monetize than vloggers, largely thanks to affiliate link marketing, guest post writing, and content promotion. A blog can essentially become a powerful content marketing platform to drive business. Bloggers also get the advantage of email marketing, which can be lucrative even if the blog ends its run. Essentially, there are several advertising funnels bloggers can make money from.

Vloggers will have to rely on YouTube for money. On the plus side, it’s really easy to get approved for AdSense through YouTube. Vloggers make money through product placement and affiliate marketing. You may not be able to use your vlog for link building and associated money-making schemes.

Even without that, YouTubers can make loads of money using the platform. Just take for example YouTube personalities like Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, Lily Singh, Lindsey Stirling, and Smosh. These vloggers are now earning millions from YouTube. Earning millions from a blog is not as easy.



Other Monetization Schemes

A successful blog or a vlog can lead to other forms of making money not directly related to the blog or YouTube. Top bloggers have for years made money by making books out of their blogs. Think Julie Powell of “Julie and Julia” food blog, or Belle de Jour, who wrote a bestselling book based on her raunchy blog.

YouTubers have gotten on the book deal scene as well. PewDiePie, for example, wrote a bestselling book. If you can become a highly subscribed YouTube personality, then you can channel that fame into other platforms like TV and entertainment. The same goes for blogs, but only if you can manage to turn your posts into sensations.

It’s hard to decide whether vloggers or bloggers have the advantage when it comes to indirect monetization. It will depend on what the scheme is. For example, Powell made millions from a movie contract based on her book. If you have fame, there just will be more opportunities to make money.


SEO and Viral Tactics

If you want a blog to become successful, you will have to spend some money on SEO, CRO, and other marketing tactics to get your blog ranking high on Google. YouTubers need better ranks too. But it’s easier to get a YouTube channel to rank high on the platform than Google.

As a blogger, you may just have to spend a bit more on promoting, while on YouTube, everything is practically built-in for going viral.



The Bottom Line:

It’s hard to give a solid number on whether blogging or vlogging is more lucrative given the lack of comparable data. On the other hand, we know that bloggers and vloggers can become famous and successful with the right niche, dedication, and creativity.

That being said, becoming a millionaire as a blogger these days may be a tad bit difficult considering most online users are switching over to watching videos. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will make it as a vlogger as well. The best route to take here is to choose the type of blogging that you are most comfortable with. 🙂

Are you a great writer or Can you perform for a camera well? That should be what decides whether you want to blog or vlog. In any case, a combination of both may guarantee your success. 


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Tracy Plunkett