Best Home Theatre PC Softwares in 2018

Let’s admit it we all love home streaming videos, now if you are here so I am sure you know what HTPC stands for, but if in case you don’t then it is nothing but an abbreviation for Home theater PC software.

Majority of applications are limited to desktop with mouse and keyboard, but when it comes to HTPC it gives you the power to make full use of your computer as a media center.

A media server is nothing but a setup that stores all media files for you, it also includes music, audios, videos and even images.

And to make it easier for you, software organizes files for you and make your video streaming experience even better.

So HTPC gives you the privilege to watch videos of wide variety directly from your pc to a big screen.

Now one of the biggest confusion of all times that people generally face is which are the best HTPC software of 2018.

So to clear that confusion for you here we are listing the best HTPC software for you.

1)     Plex Media Server– Plex Media Server is a back-end application that simply works on almost all like windows, Mac and Linux. This is a great HTPC software as it is also compatible with n no of front ends like Kodi.

Now one of the key benefits of plex is its ability to transcode tv recordings, you can smoothly watch all your videos without any chaos.



2)    Emby–  one of the best alternative and the best HTPC media alternative,  emby organizes all the media files for you so it never really takes more than a few minutes to locate what you want to watch. Emby can also help you to customize the views for everyone in your family. Now, what can be better than watching live TV? Emby also allows you to enjoy live tv as it has a built-in live Tv.

Many users even believe that this is an add-on to the Kodi software.



3)     JRiver media center – A jukebox styled media center which is backed by a 10-foot interface that has optimized theater view, what can be better than being at home and still be getting the theater view?

The USP of the Jriver media is that it can even support the most advanced codecs from the box. Not only this but it even has an excellent music and sound quality.

My personal favorite quality of this software is that it even comes with Netflix, Hulu and guess what? It even has youtube services in it.

Now since it offers so much It also comes with a cost, it is just 49 dollars but it is completely worth it.


4)     Steam  Big picture – have you ever dreamt of buying all the launch PC games right from the comfort seat at your place?

Now many people do not know that the combination of the Steam big and Kodi you can enjoy and make the optimum utilization of both. Now with Steam big pictures all the users can easily navigate the entire interface with a simple gamepad and can enjoy all your favorite games.


5)     Kodi– personally I believe that Kodi is the best but it is not quite user-friendly, you can always follow different tricks and hacks to make it user-friendly. Someone has so rightly said that good things do come with a tough package, and so is the case of the Kodi.

It works on all Windows, Linux and Android and Mac as well, You can also install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV.  There are many add-ons available so this makes kodi the best option.


So these were the top 5 best HTPC software’s that can be great media centers for you, I hope you have got the gist.

But in case if you still have doubts then do let us know by commenting below and let us know your feedback.

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Ashwin Singh