Now Design your Facebook Profile wall in a New Attractive Way!!

Hi guys, now you can design your facebook profile wall in a new attractive, stylish way. Tricks99 will show you a simple method about how to create your facebook profile wall in stylish ways,

Check the attractive new designs here in the below pictures which we created,


Now Design Your Facebook Profile Wall In A New Attractive Stylish Way ! !

Now Design Your Facebook Profile Wall In A New Attractive Stylish Way ! !


So now how to create your facebook profile wall in those type of attractive way?  😉

Select any best picture that you want to show on your facebook wall, and then Click Here.



Now at ‘Upload Image File’ box, you have to select your picture and click ‘UPLOAD IMAGE’ button and your picture gets uploaded.


You will be redirected to ‘CONVERT AND RESIZE’ page, so there you have to resize your picture into 321*322 format.

Now Design your Facebook Profile Walls in a New Attractive Stylish Ways!!

Remove the tick under the ‘Keep Proportions’ box, and keep width as 321 and height as 322, and click ‘RESIZE IMAGE’ and then the newly resized picture will be asked to save, so select any folder and save it.


Now here comes the major part, Click here and upload your new resized picture by following the same procedure in Step1.

After your upload finishes, you will be redirected and there you have to click ‘SPLIT IMAGE’ at the top and make no of Rows = 3 and no of Columns = 3, and then click the button ‘SPLIT IMAGE’.


Check the below image, for example,

Now Design your Facebook Profile Walls in a New Attractive Stylish Ways!!

It takes a few secs to split your image into parts, and when it completes, A win rar file will be getting download in your browser, when the download finishes, save that win rar file in any new folder of your Pc and now extract that win rar.

You will get 9 parts in that extracted folder with names as (1)-0-0, (1)-0-1, (1)-0-2 ……… (1)-2-1, (1)-2-2.

Now upload all those nine images in reverse order into your Facebook profile in a new album.

Note – Upload the 9 images in Reverse order [bottom to top] which means from (1)-2-2, (1)-2-1, …… to (1)-0-0 in a new album, and tag your profile name in all those 9 uploaded images from top to bottom so that the tagged pictures will appear on your profile wall.

Now Design your Facebook Profile Walls in a New Attractive Stylish Ways!!


After you tagging completes, it will appear like the below picture,


Now Design your Facebook Profile Walls in a New Attractive Stylish Ways!!

From now onwards,  make sure that you won’t get tagged in any pics of your friends because if you accept any tags, those newly tagged pictures will start appearing on your profile wall by replacing our old splitted pictures.


So, How to get stop tagged in any posts or pictures?

Click here and keep Tagging Review = Enabled.

Note – Splitting images will give good results to only some pictures like the square type of resolution but not for all kind of pictures, so choose any best suitable square format pictures to get splitted. Try to choose a picture containing your face or half of the body bcoz if we choose a pic containing our full body, splitting may get some problems.

If you found any best-splitted pictures on a profile wall, you can ask that particular person to tag your profile name also on his 9 splitted pictures, so that your profile will also get those same pictures on your wall. 😉


Now Design your Facebook Profile Walls in a New Attractive Stylish Ways!!





Btw, I’ve created a video for this tutorial so that you can understand it well by watching it! So Enjoy!! 😀


I hope this post will help you to create your Facebook profile walls in attractive ways of your choice. Please share this post with your friends and help us to grow by spreading our content to the public. 🙂

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