How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account (Immediately)

Hello, my fellow FB user, is your Facebook Account Hacked? Then you’ve come to the right place!  

So you want to recover back your hacked facebook account so that everything goes back to normal like you can be in touch again with your friends, family, playing games with them, etc?

The good news is; Yes, you can recover your hacked facebook account. 🙂

Nothing to worry about, There’s a Solution! TRICKS99 will help you out here 😀

Generally, two situations can arise under hacking.

  1. You might get your Facebook account hacked and password changed.
  2. Your Facebook account got hacked and email changed too along with your password.

Both the cases can follow the below recovery steps to regain access to your FB account.

How do I know if my Facebook account has been hacked?

There are some signs by which you can easily identify whether your facebook account has been hacked or not.

Some of the common signs are,

  • Posts have been made on your profile or in groups or pages.
  • Your email or password have changed.
  • Friend requests have been sent to people you don’t know.
  • Your profile name or birthday have changed.
  • Messages have been sent that you didn’t write.

Nowadays, even elders are using Facebook a lot. But they might not have some technical knowledge about this hacking stuff. So I’ve decided to write a simple procedure about how to recover a hacked facebook account which will help people of all ages. Just follow these simple recovery steps which I wrote below,

So let’s begin,

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account:

TIP: Try to do this below Recovery Process from a DEVICE which you usually use or from the LOCATION (Ip Address) which you usually use your facebook account.

Becoz, if you perform the recovery process from a recognised device or recognised location, Facebook will think that you’re the real owner and help you recover your hacked Facebook account more easily!

For example, generally, you might be using the same mobile phone or same computer from your home daily to access your facebook account. So now use that same device again from your home location for this below recovery process.

So here we go,

First-of-all, you have to visit “My Account Is Compromised” page on facebook. So click here to visit that page.

Now click, “My Account Is Compromised” button and you’ll be redirected to ‘Find Your Account’ page. Now you have to identify your Facebook account either by entering your Email address or Username or Phone number or your Profile’s Full name. You can use any one of them.


Tip: If the hacker has changed your email address, phone number in your account to prevent you from recovery, then try to search by entering your Facebook Username

‘Coz the hacker could’ve changed your email address, phone number but he might not have changed your username which you’ve already set!

Or you can even try searching by your ‘Profile Name

Don’t know what is your Facebook account Username? or forgot?

FACEBOOK - username

Check the above picture, “avinash.76” is my facebook account username, So ask your friend to go to your profile in his friend’s list and ask him to tell you what is your facebook username which you kept earlier! 🙂

As of now, unless you successfully identify your account, you cannot recover your hacked account. 🙁 So try to identify your facebook account with all your trials. 

So once you’ve identified your facebook account, it will ask you to ‘Enter a Current or Old Password‘. Of course, if you know the current password, you won’t be here on this page, lol. 😀

So enter your old password which you kept for that hacked Fb account.


Now when you enter your old password, it will ask you to ‘Reset Your Password’. So click it.

So, now you should be on ‘Reset Your Password‘ page. Well, here there are 2 cases,

5a) If you can see your email address or cell number and if you have access to them, then use any of those options to reset the password. So follow the next steps on the screen and you’ll successfully gain your account. That’s it. Now you can leave this post. 🙂

If you have any doubts, you can ask it in the below comment box. 🙂 You can also check out the FAQ section at the end of the post.


5b) If the hacker has also hacked your email account or maybe he changed the existing email address or cell number in your Fb account, then click the option ‘No longer have access to these?‘.

So when you click ‘No longer have access to these?’, you’ll be redirected to the ‘How can we reach you?’ page. Now enter your new email address or phone number so that Facebook will send you further details about your account recovery process.


So now when you enter your new email address or cell number, then you’ll be taken to a page that has any one of the 4 cases below depending upon your profile settings,

I mean, it varies from profile to profile!

1) CASE A:

A) “Ask your trusted contacts for help [If you have already set “Trusted contacts” to your Fb Account]

You can check this pic for example!

Trusted Contacts FB

      [ or ]

2) CASE B:

B) Ask your friends for help” [If you haven’t set “Trusted contacts” to your Fb Account]

You can check this pic for example!


Note:  Here, in this case, some random 5 friends in your account will be automatically selected by Facebook on its own! So you should contact any 3 of them to collect the codes!

If you don’t know any of those 5 friends, I mean If you haven’t got their Phone numbers to call or Email addresses to ping them, then I can’t help you! 🙁

      [ or ]

3) CASE C:

C)  Filling the Form – “I Can’t Log In” [If you haven’t set “Trusted contacts” to your Fb Account (or) If you haven’t set Email Address]

You can check this pic for example!


      [ or ]

4) CASE D:

UPDATE: Facebook has stopped this option at present! I haven’t seen this case running anymore! 🙁

D)  “Answer Your Security Question” [If you had set “Security Question” to your FB account before some time ago, as of now I can’t find any option of “Security Question” in my ‘Profile Settings’]

You can check this pic for example!


So now When you have successfully solved the given case for you then you’ll be asked to choose a new password. So create a new strong password.

Like If you get either Case A or Case B of Step 6, then after entering all the 3 codes correctly, you’ll be asked to choose a new password. So create a new strong password. 🙂


Or if you got Case C, then after submitting your ID picture, Fb Staff will review it and you’ll get a message from them to your new email inbox of which you have submitted in Step 5b.

There in the mail, based upon the ID picture which you submitted, they will respond and guide you to the next recovery steps!

Or let’s assume that if you got Case D, Which is no longer provided by FB officially, but even though I’m guiding this case too just for my readers’ safety,

So when you have successfully answered your security question, then you’ll be asked to choose a new password. So create a new strong password.

So after you choose a new password, you’ll get a message to your new email inbox of which you have submitted in Step5b. So in that message, there will be a link which will be given by Facebook to confirm your identity. So click it!!

So when you clicked that link, you have successfully recovered your account. Now all you need to do is, – to come back after 24hrs. After 24 hrs, just log in to your FB with your new email address, new password!

So that’s it, guys. This is the whole process to recover a hacked facebook account. 🙂 

Do check out the below FAQ once!!

Also check: How to Secure Your Facebook Account for 100%

Once you gain access to your facebook account, or luckily if you still have access at this moment, then you can check this part,

There’s an additional place where you can see the data or list of devices from which your facebook account has been accessed or logged in recently. Here you might find the hacker login device details, time, etc.

  • Go to your Account ‘Settings’ >> “Security and login” >> “Where you’re logged in” or you can even click here simply.

So under the section “Where you’re logged in”, you can see the information like Device name, Location, Time

Facebook-Where you're logged in

So by seeing this information, you can get a basic idea of whether your Facebook account has been hacked or not. 

For more information, you can visit here.

Also Check: How to Recover a Disabled Facebook AD Account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What to do (immediately) if your Facebook account is hacked?

Guys, the immediate thing you should do is, to go to your E-mail inbox and open the mail about which Facebook sent you when someone logged in or changed your password, and click the link in that email and follow the guidelines mentioned in it!

It works in all situations even if the hacker has changed the Email address and anything else.

If the email associated with your Facebook account has been changed by the hacker, you can reverse this. When an email is changed, Facebook will send a message to the previous email account with a special link. You can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account.

And always remember to keep your E-Mail Inbox secure at high priority than anything else. Never use the same password for your FB account and e-mail account.

How to recover hacked facebook account without email?

To be frank, without access to your email inbox, it’s a bit difficult to recover your hacked facebook account. But there are ways to recover without email too.

1) By using your Phone number

If you don’t have access to your E-Mail Inbox, or even if you haven’t used any email address but used a phone number while creating your facebook account in the past, then you can use that phone number if you’ve access to it. 

 Perform the steps which I’ve written above in the post from STEP 1 to STEP 5 to recover back your hacked FB account. STEP 5A will be the crucial one here. 

2) By submitting your Id-Proof 

Nowadays, this option is given to many people. When you perform STEP 1 to STEP 5B above, after doing STEP 5B – “How can we reach you”, you’ll be immediately redirected to the form “I Can’t Log In“.  

You need to fill in the details in that form and upload your ID proof for verification. Once they verify your submitted proof, they will reply to you back to the new email address which you’ve provided in the “How can we reach you” step. 

Facebook account hacked and password changed, What to do?

This is one of the most repeated questions I get nowadays. Many people message me on social media saying that, “Hey Avinash, my facebook account was hacked and password changed“, what to do in this case now?

Well, all you’ve to do is to perform the steps which I’ve written above in the post from STEP 1 to STEP 7.

Even if you got your password changed by the hacker, your email id and mobile number would be the same in your Facebook account settings like I said in the Step 5A, so you can use them to recover back your hacked facebook account and set a new password. 

How to recover Facebook account using an old password?

If you remember your old password, you can use that old password
to recover your hacked facebook account.

Try to use a computer or mobile phone that you regularly use to log into your Facebook account.

Perform the steps which I’ve written above in the post from STEP 1 to STEP 5A. Step 5A will be the crucial one to open your hacked account.

How to recover a Facebook account without a Phone number?

I faced a similar situation recently, my Facebook account was hacked and the phone number was changed.

But luckily, the email is not changed. so I used my email to recover my Facebook account without phone number.

So check whether your email address is changed or not. If email is not changed, then follow Step – 5A which I’ve written above.

So I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful for you to regain your hacked facebook account. Also please share this post with others and help us to grow by spreading our content to your friends. If you have any doubts or problems regarding this account recovery process, then you can ask it in the below comments. 🙂

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Yea but trying to search for my phone number 3 first digit of my is diffrent like my digit starts at 999 when i search for it . It becomes 919, i try reporting it but no reply in facebook. Ipost on facebook support chat page all i can see is i need to pay to get my account.

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Please,my Facebook account was hacked and Gmail and my password changed.
I tried recovering it and in the process I mistakenly deleted my account and Facebook has blocked the account due to some malicious stuff the hacker was trying to do.
I have tried recovering it but am being told to use a phone which I have used to login before which I don’t have.
Please I need help,what should i do

Daniel Effiong

I have tried it and but the page is not working

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I’m stuck in this stupid cycle right now. I got hacked and they changed my password, email and phone number connected to my account before I could do anything. I have tried everything including sending my ID in several times. They keep accepting it and saying they have sent the email with instructions on how to get my account back, however, I never get that email. I’m not sure why, but it never comes. What can I do. I have messaged fb security, but from what I’ve read, no one have ever gotten a response!!

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Hi my facebook was hacked, obscene posts were put up by the hacker and facebook has disabled my account. I have put in for a review, but it’s been over a week now and nothing’s happened. Any Facebook email or phone number I have tried has not had a response.
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