How article rewriter helps to create unique content for bloggers

Technology has made daily life so simple and it will be unfair if we don’t use technology-based tools to make our tasks easy.

From one corner of the world to the other one, all over the place, we witness technology in every field. Writers also get the benefit of these technologies.

When we search for a specific topic on a search engine, there we get hundreds of results on a single topic. If writers start writing on those topics manually, they may face plagiarism in the content.

This factor is disliked by Google so you have to make the content exclusive for the audience. Being a blogger is a difficult task.

So, you need to get help from the article rewriter that spins the entire content and makes it unique from the original one.

article rewriter

Best article rewriter for the bloggers (3 free tools to use for it)

Search engines are full of article rewriters that can help bloggers in generating unique content for themselves.

Users may puzzle while selecting the best online tool. So, this article can help you in this term and users can choose the best article rewriter for them. 

Let’s discuss these tools in detail.

  1. Prepostseo

The article rewriter by Prepostseo is one of the best online tools that can help bloggers in generating exclusive content that is never used before.

Writers can upload the content on the search engine generated by this tool. Here we will discuss some top features of this tool that enchant the users to trust this article rewriter.

  • Upload documents

Users can directly upload the files on this article rewriter. You have to select the file from your system and click on the upload button.

This sentence changer supports multiple formats of files like doc, Docx, txt, and pdf.

  • No word limits

There is no limit for the words to be uploaded at one time. Users can rewrite upload unlimited words at once and spin them to generate unique text there.

This amazing tool doesn’t restrict the users to rewrite an article with limited numbers.

  • Precise results

When the content is inserted in this tool, it reads the provided text deeply and changes the synonyms there that helps to generate alternative content in a precise way.

It doesn’t lose the original meaning of content. it generates new content with a different structure but has the same meaning.

  • Free to use

All the features of this amazing tool are free to use. There is no need to get registered or get paid subscription before using this tool.

Users have to upload the content here and it will spin the article in no time that is more precise and easier to understand.


It is another amazing tool that can generate SEO-optimized content for the users that can help to generate more traffic and engage the readers.

Here we will talk about some top features of this amazing tool.

  • Make the SEO better

The content generated by these tools is fully optimized that helps the users to get the attention of visitors and make them love your content.

It changes the synonym of words and makes it exclusive from the original one that helps the readers to get something extra to learn.

  • Huge synonym library

This amazing tool has a huge synonym library which helps the users to generate numerous articles on a single topic.

This factor helps to avoid duplication in the content and generate unique content every time that helps in making the SEO better.

  • Keep the meaning original

While changing the structure of content, this top tool ensures to keep the original meaning preserved.

It makes the content different from the original one but the actual meaning of the entire text remains the same.

  • Secure to use

Privacy is the demand of every user and most writers are afraid of using online tools due to security issues.

This amazing tool keeps the data of users fully secured that makes this article rewriter reliable and trustworthy.


The name of this sentence changer is describing its actual working. This tool is specially designed for the sake of rewriting the content.

It uses an advanced algorithm that reads the content deeply and changes the structure of the article within seconds.

Here we will discuss some top features of this amazing tool.

  • Meaningful content 

When the text is inserted in this top tool, this AI-based tool reads the article thoroughly and changes the synonym of words with the most suitable words.

It helps the bloggers to generate unique content that is easy to read and understand for the audience.

  • Remove plagiarism in the content

This tool has a huge synonym database. When the text is inserted in this sentence changer, it puts the most suitable synonyms that can make the content unique.

So, you can have unique content without any duplication which helps to get more traffic on the page.

  • Quality content

Users get content with better quality and great fluency using this tool. When the text is inserted here, it adjusts the most suitable alternatives here.

This helps to increase the quality of content and makes the SEO better. Also, you can engage more readers with your article by generating it via this tool.

  • Free to use

This top tool is totally free to use. You can upload multiple articles and get their alternatives using this article spinner.

It doesn’t demand a free subscription or any registration.

Final lines:

To generate unique content and make its SEO better, is a long task. You have to get ideas from multiple sources.

To avoid such hurdles and make the task easy, users can get help from the online article rewriter. These tools are very safe to use and provide alternative content with more fluency.

The tools discussed in this article can be quite beneficial for users as they have a huge synonym database and make the content free of plagiarism.

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