How to Hide pages Which you LIKE on Facebook.

As recently our Tricks99 has made some interesting facebook posts like How to hide last name on facebook,  today we are posting about making privacy tricks of about how to hide liked pages on facebook (or) how to hide pages which you LIKE on facebook.

Many of us don’t want to share our entire information on facebook regarding pages which we like, profiles which we follow, etc depending upon on our own personal privacy reasons. So there might be some facebook pages which we want to LIKE but ended up not doing so because we are afraid that our friends will know about it.
So do you want to know about how to like a page without letting others know that you actually liked it?  😉

Steps to hide pages which you LIKE on facebook:

Go to your timeline, click  ‘More’  drop down menu button then click ‘Likes’.


How to Hide pages Which You LIKE on Facebook ? (or) How To Hide All Liked Pages on Facebook ?


STEP 2 :

Click the edit (pencil)icon on the top right of Facebook beside the ‘Add Likes’ button and select ‘Edit Privacy’ from drop down menu.


How to Hide pages Which You LIKE on Facebook ? (or) How To Hide All Liked Pages on Facebook ?


STEP 3 :

A pop up will Appear next where you can edit the privacy setting of your facebook pages categories, click on the ‘Arrow’ icon and select ‘Only  Me’ which means you will be the
only one who can see the pages you liked under that particular category. If you want to hide your entire Liked pages on facebook them make all categories settings to ‘Only  Me’.


How to Hide pages Which You LIKE on Facebook ? (or) How To Hide All Liked Pages on Facebook ?


I guess this post will be helpful to you all about making privacy- hiding liked pages on Facebook, where as you’ll still see the liked pages but your friends won’t and you’ll still be able to get those page’s useful updates without your friends ever knowing.

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  • Hamza Mohammed says:

    My Facebook account disabled how to recover

  • Asad says:

    i need another tricks for facebook like
    if anyone send me request then they will be follower directly
    after they cannot block and unfollow me…

    have you any tricks for that…?

  • babu.G says:

    I did same as above but put setting (visible to none) now I myself can’t see my liked pages how to undo plz reply

  • Teena says:

    Awesome thanks

  • David says:

    Thanks Pal! From now onwards, I’ll apply these settings on my fb account!

  • Setha Khiev says:

    Oh, thanks for reply me. Facebook had blocked my account and then I had sent some documents to facebook for solve this problem, but Facebook has replied me now. They said that my facebook account still lock. Can you help me to solve this problem,please?

  • Setha Khiev says:

    Excuse me, Can you let me know,please? when I confirm my ID Card to facebook, I have sent some questions to ask them with my ID Card. Does facebook reply my request,please? Because I have waited their reply for 2 days ago.

    • Avinash S says:

      Sorry, I didn’t get you. Can you please be more clear?

      • Setha Khiev says:

        Facebook had replied me like this “Until we receive an accepted form of ID that matches the information listed on the account we won’t be able to respond to this case or assist you further. This decision is final.

        In the meantime, this account will remain locked as a security precaution. While it’s locked, the account won’t be visible on Facebook or appear in search.
        ” Can you help me, please?

        • Avinash S says:

          The proof which you submitted earlier got rejected as it may not be of the acceptable list. So submit other valid proofs again.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been searching about this from a long time , Finally found this here .. Great site 🙂 Thanks.

  • will our frnds know wichh pages we liked in side tiker bar

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