How to write unique and attractive product descriptions?

Launch the best, write the best, and sell more.

What does the above-mentioned statement mean? It is way very simple, have a look below.

If you want to sell your products more and more then you have to convince your customers to hit the “Buy now” button but how can you do it?

Internet is a virtual market; you can sell anything very easily but if and only if you are going the right way.

Here are some factors to make your product sell more.

  • Unique and attractive product descriptions.
  • Relevant product titles.
  • Clear images and other multimedia.

When you focus on all the above-mentioned factors, you’ll surely end up getting high sales.

In this guide, we have shortlisted the solutions for writing unique and attractive product descriptions as descriptions play a vital role in convincing the customers to buy.

5 tips to write a winning product description:

As we have mentioned that the key ingredient to selling a product is its title and description so, here we have 5 useful tips to write them properly.

Have a look at them,

1. Focus on the target audience

Why is it important to focus on the target audience?

It is really important because, for some people, you need to communicate formally and for some people, you have to convince them in an informal way.

So, it is very important to find out which gender, age group, and profession you are targeting.

Once you are done finding the right target audience, you can write the winning product descriptions which will convince your customers in a couple of seconds.

You need to focus on the following factors.

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Profession

These three factors are enough to make your descriptions many steps higher.

2. Make your words unique

Don’t copy-paste!

We are not stopping you to read from other sellers, you can do it, in fact, it is a good approach to read from multiple sources but don’t copy their words and present them as your own.

It is strongly recommended to present your own words.

But what to do if one is not a writer?

You can still write the best product descriptions! All you need is to use a plagiarism remover tool as it will rearrange any description that you’ll find the best.

A plagiarism remover is an online tool specifically created for eliminating plagiarism by replacing some words with their synonyms.

You need to find the attractive product description, paste it into this tool and get the plagiarism-free and attractive product description.

3. Make it grammatically perfect

“The attractiveness of good grammar cannot be overstated.”

Using the correct grammar also plays a vital role in enhancing your sales to an unexpected point because it helps the readers to understand what you are expecting them to understand.

But if your descriptions are not grammatically fit, maybe your customers will suffer from many misconceptions.

You have to focus on the following things:

  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Irregular use of verbs.
  • Correct article usage.
  • Singular/plural

But what do you think, is it easy for a writer to focus on all the above-mentioned factors?

It can really be very hectic sometimes but we do have a solution for this. You can use a grammar checker for focusing on all the above-mentioned factors.

A grammar checker will highlight all the grammar flaws and make them correct with the relevant suggestions.

4. Enrich with benefits

It is pretty clear that the customers will make a purchase after going through the benefits of a certain product so, enriching your description with benefits is very important.

Note: Do not add what your product doesn’t have.

Your customers are expecting the right and most accurate information from your side so, don’t ruin their expectations.

Make a list of benefits or features of your product and mention them in a way that your readers just go through them and make a purchase.

5. Use a friendly tone

Don’t try to be very formal and bossy, make your tone friendly and simple.

Add as much information as you can but don’t command your customers in order to get the highest sales.

The very important thing is the straightforwardness of the language, we recommend you to keep relevant, use basic English, and don’t try to add difficult words that cannot be understandable by your readers.

The more easy your description will be, the more sales you’ll get.


Writing good product descriptions may take time but keep in your mind, that it plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing your sales.

There are multiple factors that can make a description attractive but we have shortlisted the best and easy tips.

And we have explained very thoroughly about the shortlisted tips, have a look at them.

Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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