How to Recover a Disabled Instagram Account [Within 24Hrs]😉

Hello, my fellow Insta user, is your Instagram Account Disabled? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

So you want to recover your Instagram Account back like earlier where you can post your Stories, Pictures, Reels? And also following your favourite celebrities updates? 😉

The good news is: Yes, you can Reactivate your Disabled Instagram Account! 🙂

Nothing to worry, There’s a Solution! TRICKS99 will help you out here 😀

Before getting into the main part, First, let me confirm whether your case is Disabled Instagram account or Temporarily deactivated Instagram account.

Some people get confused about this!

So how to identify if your Instagram account has been disabled?

If your Instagram account has been disabled, when you try to log in, you’ll see a message saying that your account is disabled.

For example, see this picture

Instagram account Disabled

Coming to the other case, temporarily deactivated Instagram account

Instagram added the option to temporarily deactivate your account anytime whenever you need to take a break from their social media platform. So might be you have done this earlier or anyone who has access to your device may have done this without your presence. 

In this case, you can simply log back in on any of your devices and your Instagram account will automatically be reactivated.


Ok, so now once you confirmed that your case is a disabled Instagram account,

so let’s move further,

But first, before that, have you wondered “Why Instagram disabled my account?”

So let me tell you about this,

Why was your Instagram account disabled?

Generally, an Instagram account gets disabled if you violate some terms & Conditions of their social media platform.

Some examples like, Posting content that doesn’t follow the Instagram community guidelines or terms of use. (Hate speech, Illegal activities, Nudity, Graphic violence, etc.)

Instagram never provides the exact reason why they disabled your Instagram account. 

They will say like,

Your Instagram account has been disabled for violating our terms:

but they won’t say which term you Violated particularly.

You just need to recall yourself about the recent activities you’ve done on your Instagram account like posting any copyrights videos, pics or posting any bad content anywhere.

The good news is that it isn’t too complicated to get back your Instagram account if it’s been disabled. It might take a few days, but that’s nothing compared to the months or years of photos which you might have uploaded in your account!

So don’t you just hate it when you lose all your valuable messages, years of pictures and videos in your Instagram profile?

I can understand your pain. I’ve seen personally some of my friends who lost their Instagram accounts. 🙁

But don’t lose hope, the good news is that it isn’t that difficult to get back a disabled instagram account.

So let’s move to the main part about how you can successfully recover back your disabled Instagram account! 🙂

How to recover a disabled Instagram account

There are 2 methods to recover, i.e, by submitting an Appeal.  In both the methods we will appeal. You can use any method as per your choice. My suggestion is, first try Method 1, if it doesn’t work out for you, then try Method 2.


Appealing on the Mobile Instagram App:

If your instagram account is disabled, when you try to log in, It will show you a Pop-up Error message that your account has been disabled. Under that message, there’s an option “Learn more“. 

Instagram Appeal

So when you click that ‘Learn more‘ button, you will get the “Appeal” option or “Request Review” option. 

So now simply follow the onscreen instructions and appeal by submitting your details. 


Submitting the Official Appeal Form:

You can use the official appeal form by clicking the below “Appeal Form” button.

Disabled Instagram Account Appeal Form

Fill in all the required fields and click the ‘Send’ button to have your appeal reviewed.

Depending upon the case, later you may be asked to submit any ID proof of yours or a selfie photo of yours as a verification step at some point in the middle of the review process.

Good luck and let me know later in the Comments! 🙂

How long it takes for Instagram to review the appeal for Disabled Account?

Generally, it will take around 1-7 days time for them to reactivate a disabled Instagram account. 

Meanwhile, check your email inbox daily which you have connected to that particular disabled Instagram account. They may send you details about your account activation status or rejection status. Or simply login into your Instagram account so that you can know whether it is still disabled or got reactivated.


PART – 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How to get back a Deactivated Instagram account?

Nowadays, I’m getting tons of messages daily from many people saying that “Hey Avinash, …. my Instagram account was deactivated!“, “Hello! my Instagram account has been deactivated, what to do?” 🙁

And I want to make it clear to you 1 thing, getting an Instagram account disabled and getting an Instagram account deactivated, both are the same in this case.

So the only way to recover a deactivated Instagram account back is, by submitting the appeal form which I mentioned above in the post. 

Check out both METHOD – 1 and METHOD – 2 written above. 

“Incorrect Instagram input: The short-link URL you provided is not a User” – What does this mean?

Some people get this error while they are trying to appeal for their disabled Instagram accounts.

Incorrect Instagram input:

The short-link URL you provided is not a User. Please provide a valid User. Click here to learn how to get the URL of a piece of content

incorrect instagram input Short link url

So you might be wondering how to appeal if it doesn’t accept your Instagram username. Well, I can clearly understand your situation and I’m really sorry to say that there’s no solution to this ‘Invalid username problem’ currently.

There are a few reasons why this problem might be occurring,

1) It could be a technical bug on Instagram

2) Your profile might have been already removed from the Instagram database before you appeal, due to any severe violation that happened on your profile. 

So reason can be anything, but unfortunately, as of now, there’s no solution.

Although I heard that, for some people, this username problem disappeared when they tried to appeal again and again by giving some time gap like 2-3 days each time. 

 I saw a case where for a user who is facing this issue, this error Popup disappeared when he tried to fill the appeal form for the 3rd time, whereas for the 1st time and 2nd time, he left off without appealing as it won’t allow to appeal the form without filling the username part. But luckily, after 2 days gap, when he attempted to appeal for the 3rd time, this error didn’t come and his appeal was submitted successfully. 

So I suggest you to try to appeal again and again by giving some time gap like 2-3 days each time. Who knows? You may also be lucky and your appeal can be sent successfully. 

You can’t get your account back without solving this ‘Incorrect Instagram input URL‘ error, and there are some chances that any new Instagram account you create immediately will also be suspended. (Of course, I am giving you some tips below about how to create a new account without getting banned, you can check that)

If my Instagram Account is Permanently Disabled, can I make a new one?

As per official rules/policies of the Instagram company, once if any user gets their Instagram account disabled permanently, then that person is not eligible to use Instagram again in the future by creating a new account.

But I can personally understand that, in some cases, Instagram mistakenly disables some accounts as Permanent Cases. So if you still like Instagram and want to be in touch with your friends, family, and follow your favourite celebrities stories, reels, etc, then do read the below tips carefully.

Don’t create a new Instagram account again from the same mobile, same IP address, with the same old mobile number. Becoz, if you create so, there are some chances that, in future, your new Instagram account may also get disabled! I’ve seen these cases tons of times.

So for safety, create a new Insta account only under the following conditions,

  • Any new IP Address (which you never used for logging into the old disabled Instagram account, for example, you can use your friend’s Internet which you never accessed earlier)
  • New Computer or Mobile (which you never accessed for logging into the old deactivated account, for example, you can use your friend’s device which you never used earlier)
  • New cell number & New Gmail id (which you didn’t use earlier for that old disabled Insta account) 

Note: No need to use New Ip, New Device every time while logging into your new Instagram account, only at the time of the creation of the new account, use those New things which I said.

But make sure to avoid using the old IP address, old Device for this new Insta account for at least 10 days (which you used earlier regularly for your old disabled Instagram account), just to be on the safe side! 🙂

So that’s it, Guys. I shared the complete information which I Know. So I hope you all understood about Recovering back a Disabled Instagram Account. If you have any doubts, you can simply leave a comment below and I’ll reply to you there! 🙂

Btw, you can also mail me – [email protected] regarding the queries of your Instagram disabled account. I’ll try to reply you back in my possible free time!

Make sure you assist me with the following things below while explaining your problem to me,

1) Reason why your Instagram account got disabled

2) Screenshot pictures of your doubts or any errors you facing on the Instagram app. Screenshots really help me to understand any kind of issue clearly in less time. So I highly recommend this thing

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  1. Hey bro I am unable to see Pop-up Error message that your Instagram account has been disabled.
    what can I do?

    1. Avinash Prince

      In that case, I’d suggest you to try METHOD – 2 and fill the form which I mentioned in this post 🙂

  2. Sir its not my fault

    Someone’s send me the video i think its have virus in that video
    When i open it, accidentally my Instagram account was disabled,

    Its my humble request to you
    Please recover my Instagram id

    1. Hey, I’m just a blogger only, not any staff member of Instagram. I can guide you only but not directly restore your disabled instagram account.

  3. Hey. My Instagram account got disabled 3 days back I submitted several forms and filled in every type of information but I still haven’t got any response. It just says that my Instagram account is disabled. I haven’t violated any rules. Please help me get my Instagram account back.

    1. Sometimes it can take up to 7 days time to get a reply after you submit the form. So keep waiting patiently! 🙂

  4. Hello, my instagram account is disabled on last wed. 14th after I fill the appeal I received 2 emails asking for photo and proof of ID.
    What i find strange is the email that insta/facebook used, is this email correct? [email protected]>
    Before I answer i need to check if this is not hack and how come someone knew that I fill the appeal?
    Has instagram bem hacked?

  5. Devashish Solkar

    My Instagram account is disabled, I don’t know why
    When I login it says your account is disabled and when I click learn more it says your account is deleted.
    So now it’s impossible to get back instagram but the main problem is my facebook is also disabled and this is biggest threat to me because I have so many important applications and sites which I have linked with Facebook I cannot access them now..please help me

  6. Kaushiksinh Chauhan

    Sir I Think My Instagram Account Was Disable By Mistake Of server I Don’t Have Not Use any Third Party App And Not Broke Any Community guideline But Now I Can login my Account So My Account Is Not Login please Help Me Back My Account It’s Very Important For me Thnkau Isntagram Team

  7. Hi. I am not sure whether my insta ID was temporarily or permanently disabled. The screen that comes up when I try to log in is different from what you showed here. Can I get in touch with you?

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