Is It Possible to Pass CompTIA 220-901 Exam on the First Try with ExamSnap?

The CompTIA 220-901 exam is designed to evaluate the comprehensive knowledge of candidates on vendor neutral PC hardware and peripheral components, mobile device, troubleshooting & networking hardware, and network connectivity issues. The certification test also measures the skills in configuring and installing operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, Apple OS X, Android, and iOS. It also evaluates thefollowing areas: security, operational procedures and communication skills, and Cloud computing fundamentals.

CompTIA 220-901 is one of the exams that lead to the award of the CompTIA A+ certification. It is crucial that the candidates pass this testin order to earn thiswell-known credential. Before we go ahead, let’s take a little dip into the CompTIA A+ certificate and the content of the CompTIA 220-901 certification exam.


Overview of the CompTIA A+ certification

First, it is important to understand that the CompTIA A+ credential is a globally and industry recognized certification. It is well-respected and trusted by business enterprises, government, and recruiters across the world. The certificate validates that the individuals have the competence to function with mobile device hardware, PC hardware, and peripheral components, networking & troubleshooting network and hardware connectivity issues, communication skills, Cloud computing fundamentals, and operational procedures. It also confirms an excellent understanding of configuring and installing OS, such as Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The A+ credential is a very comprehensive vendor-neutral certification. This means it doesn’t focus on a specific product of any company. Its objectives cover various services, technologies, software, and hardware ranging from operating system to conventional devices and other numerous technology and mobile devices being used in the world today.

No doubt, CompTIA A+ is highly regarded in the IT industry and among recruiters. It is an entry-level credential and an excellent choice of certification to start out in the field of Information Technology. The credential proves that you have the necessary communication skills and computer knowledge needed to complete specific tasks with little to no supervision. Earning this certificate requires that you pass two different exams: CompTIA 220-901 and CompTIA 220-902. The focus of this article is on the first test – 220-901.


Overview of the CompTIA 220-901 exam

CompTIA 220-901 covers mobile device hardware, networking & troubleshooting hardware, and network connectivity issues, as well as PC hardware and peripherals. The certification test is made up of about 90 questions, and they are regarded as ‘a linear exam’. In other words, you can look through the questions, change answers when needed, mark items, and move back and forth on the questions during the exam. You also have the opportunity to review all your answers prior to submitting at the completion of the test as long as the duration has not expired.The types of questions to expect in CompTIA 220-901 include multiple-choice and performance-based questions. The multiple-choice ones allow you to simply click your answers with the corresponding letters. The performance-based ones require that the students click through simulated environments.

The time duration for the exam is one hour and thirty minutes. If you finish your test on time, you have the opportunity to go over the questions again, review each of your answers, and make corrections where necessary. It is recommended that you take CompTIA 220-901 alone so you can be adequately prepared and focused on a single exam.

To pass the A+ 220-901 exam, the candidates are expected to score at least 675 points. This is on a scale of 900. This roughly amounts to passing about 72% of the total exam questions. It is important to mention that the scores attached to each question vary, which means that it is a little difficult to calculate the average score of each question. However, you can ensure you achieve the passing score by going through practice questions when preparing for your test and ensure you score at least 85% at each attempt. This will prepare you for success in the real exam.

To attempt this test, you are expected to pay the exam fee of $199. It is essential to note that this fee is valid for a single exam. This means if you don’t pass the test at the attempt you paid for, you will have to pay another fee to takeit again. You pay a new fee for each attempt. To register for CompTIA 220-901, you should go through the Pearson VUE website. You can register and schedule your test on the same platform. To learn more about the details of the exam, you need to check the official certification webpage.





Some preparation tips for your exam success

The first step towards achieving success in your test is preparation. You must be ready to do a thorough study while preparing for your exam. There are various materials that will help you have an effective study. Irrespective of how many book resources and training courses you go through while preparing for your certification test, you should not undermine the effectiveness of practice questions.Practice tests from ExamSnap should be an integral part of your preparation. Go through different questions and answer all of them until you are familiar with theirpattern and style.

How do you make the best of the exam taking process to ensure success at your first attempt?

Manage your time: When sitting for yourexam, it is crucial that you manage your time judiciously. Basically, you will have a visible clock when going through the multiple-choice questions at the test center. However, you don’t have access to the clock when answering the performance-based questions. Therefore, you should learn how to answer your questions promptly without leaving any of them unanswered.

Leave unknown questions for later: Don’t spend all your time on a single question. If you discover you don’t know the answer to a particular question, jump over it, and move to the next one. You can always return to it after answering the ones you are confident about. Mark questions for reviews and check the boxes for those that you have completed.



If you want to become CompTIA A+ certified, you should prepare for the 220-901 exam. This achievement will open the doors to new career prospects for you. That’s why it is worth your efforts.

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