My Personal Revenuehits Review – Earning 100$ Monthly!

Hello guys, today I came up with my personal review about Revenuehits.com. Well, but this post is not for all people, but for people who run websites/blogs [Bloggers]. So this comes under “earning money with ads” category. 🙂

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to earn money from our websites/blogs. In that, CPC, CPM, CPA etc are most famous ways.  As per my view, it is quite easy to earn money with CPC rather than CPM, CPA. Coming to CPC., Google Adsense is the most famous one to earn money, but getting Adsense approval is hard today. Even though we have Adsense, we may not get enough cash! For example, I don’t have Adsense for some of my sites, many times I got rejected earlier for a[[roval! So I was searching from a long time about how to earn money from those blogs other than Adsense, then I Found Revenuehits. So I started using it, done experiments with various ad formats, earned some money, and finally satisfied well! 😀  So I decided to write a review post about “How to earn money with RevenueHits” and wanna share all my experience, tips etc as I’m successfully using it from last 10 months.




Ok, coming to the topic, guys,


What is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is an innovative Performance Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenues, using a state-of-the-art contextual & geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology. It assists publishers to monetize various online assets, including websites, add-ons, mobile sites, widgets, toolbars and many more.

RevenueHits is a pure CPA (Cost Per Action) platform. So it doesn’t matter if the ads on your site get 1 lakh clicks or 1 lakh impressions a day because it’s not CPC or CPM platform. All we get money here by only when our site readers performs an action, which means they should click the ad and install the particular software in the ad or complete the survey which shows in the ad. Don’t worry, they are 100% safe, genuine softwares.


Who should use this Revenuehits?

  1. Those who don’t have Google Adsense or tired of other ad networks.
  2. Those who are in need of money for 100% 😛


Why I used RevenueHits and continued it?

  • For one of my sites, I don’t have Adsense. So never earned via Adsense for that site.
  •  I’m receiving per day 3.6k + page views (only organic). So with this traffic, why should I leave my blog ad slots empty, at least earning 1$ per day is better than earning nothing. 😀

Idea! :  As minimum threshold payment of Revenuehits is 20$, I’ll keep those ads for minimum 4-6 days and when I reach 25$, I’ll withdraw it (PayPal). So 25*60= 1500 rps, so placing revenue hits for just 4+ days can renew 2 domains at Godaddy for a year 😛

I just shared some best ad sizes below, and I also gave you an instant revenuehits approval link for your sites,  so keep on following this tutorial, and just try this on your sites until you reach the 20$ and later you can withdraw it!



If You personally ask me which is best – Google Adsense? or RevenueHits?

As I always love to be frank with my site readers, so as per my knowledge, experience, I vote for Adsene only! Earnings from adsense will be high compared to Revenuehits. Bcoz Adsense earnings are of CPC type but  Revenuehits earnings are of CPA type which is a bit hard to earn compared to CPC type. But it’s ok, you can always try Revenuehits and check out which suits you best! There are some advantages of using Revenuehits compared to Google Adsense, whcih you will discover later in this post! 🙂


 Some important points which you should know about Revenuehits Ads

1) Since Revenuehits has the geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology, the ads will differ from a country to country. It means, readers of UK will see different ad and readers of India will see different ad even though both the readers visit the same post on our website. So this can help us in getting more cash overall.

2) Unlike Google Adsense, there are no restrictions to keep limited no of ads overall on our site! You can place as many ads as you want in Revenuehits!

3) No matter whether your blog is Blogger blog or WordPress blog! No matter what niche your site is (Except Po*n)!  No matter how much traffic you get! I’m giving you a special link for submitting your websites/blogs for approval, so all the websites/blogs which you submit here will be approved instantly! 🙂

4) If your blog/site receives more traffic from the USA, then you have more chances to gain more amount of cash from Revenuehits.com.

5) You can keep your threshold payment as you like! But the minimum limit is 20$.

6) You can add as many blogs/sites(which you own) as you want in your revenuehits account and can earn from all of your blogs at a time by placing the ads in all of your blogs/sites.

7) Like Adsense accounts getting banned instantly without any prior notification, here the chances of getting Revenuehits account banned is too low! 🙂



Ok, now we shall look into the main part,


Signing up, Approval, Creating Ads, Earning more Cash:


Signing up and submitting your site for Approval:

  • To sign up (opening an account) at Revenuehits, click here. This is my special link for submitting your websites/blogs for instant approval (on the spot)! 😉
  • So after you open the link which I gave, Now fill the details carefully in Step1 and Step2 and finally click “Submit”. 
  • Now verify your email address and login to your account.


I’ve also made the video by showing all the above steps of this part, so you can check the video too.



Creating Ads:


  • To create ads, open Placements tab in your Revenuehits account.
  • Now it’ll show you 2 options – “New Placement” and “New Mobile Placement“.

“New Placement” means the ads related to Desktop site &  “New Mobile Placement” means the ads related to Mobile site.

Ok, now I’m classifying both the types of placements and the ads available in those placements.


“New Placement” (Desktop Ads): In this type, all the desktop mode ads will be present, like Banner ads, slider ads etc.      Of course, whatever the ad format which you select here, and place it on your site/blog, then the ad will run both on desktop version and mobile version of your site, which means, if a reader from the USA visited your blog from his computer, he’ll see the ad and if a reader from the UK visited your blog in his mobile, he’ll too see the ad.

So in simple, I can say as, all the ads in “New Placement” tab will run both on Pc and mobile.


Well, there are so many ad formats and ad types available in “New Placement” tab. I’m mentioning all those available ads here,

                                        1) Banner
                                        2) 158×21 Button
                                        3) 468×60 Footer
                                        4) 728×90 Footer
                                        5) Interstitial
                                        6) Popunder
                                        7) Shadow Box
                                        8) Slider
                                        9) Topbar






“New Mobile Placement” (Mobile Ads):   In this type, all the mobile mode ads will be present, like Mobile Dialog, Notifier etc. Here we should note one thing, except 2 ad placements (Interstitial & New Tab), remaining all ads will run only in the mobile version of your site/blog. For example, if you are running Notifier Ad on your site, now if a reader from France visits your blog from laptop and another reader from Russia visits your blog from Cell, then the Russia reader only will see the Notifier Ad on his Cell and the Laptop reader from France won’t see any ad on your site.

So here, I can simply say as, most of the ads in “New Mobile Placement” tab will run only in mobile.


Well, there are so many ad formats and ad types available in “New Mobile Placement” tab. I’m mentioning all those available ads here,

                         1) Mobile Dialog
                         2) Footer
                         3) Interstitial
                         4) Notifier
                         5) New Tab






So now once you get a clarity of the selection of your required ad slot, you have to setup the ad code and place it on your site. Well, I’m showing it completely by taking an example of the pop-up ad.


So coming to the main part, how to create revenuehits ads and set up them on your blog/website.


  • So now once you are on Placements tab in your Revenuehits account, select your required placement (Desktop/mobile) and then select your required placement type (ad). So for example, I’m taking Popunder ad in the “New Placement” ads.
  • So now it’ll show you a form type and in that you have to fill some details like Placement name, selection of your Site, Description of your Ad etc and finally click “Save”.





  • So once you save it, Placements tab will be opened automatically and all the ads you created will appear in  Placements tab.  So on your required ad, you should click this “</>” button and then the ad code of your ad will open in a box.

how to create revenuehits ads and setup on your blog-website 2


  • Now you have to copy that Ad code and place it on your blog/site.
  • As I’ve created Pop up Ad, so I’ll simply place it on my WordPress site by inserting the code in Text box of Widgets Section. Of course, even If your blog/site is Blogger site, then you’ll place the Pop up Ad code in HTML/JavaScript box of Layout Section.
  • So like this, you have to create your required Ad and place it on your site/blog.


Within how much time the Revenue stats will get updated in our account?

Ans) Not like Google Adsense, here in Revenuehits, our “Revenue” will be updated only once for 24 hours and that’ll be the final revenue! This is a bit sad thing, but it’s OK, not a big problem! In adsense, all our daily earnings are “Estimated earnings” but here in Revenuehits, all our daily earnings are “Finalized earnings”, so this is some what a good news! 😀 




Some best Ad Formats to gain more Cash in Revenuehits:

I’ve seen some people who are already using Revenuehits, but they are not able to earn good money ‘coz they don’t have much idea about which ad brings more money, which ad doesn’t! So just having a Revenuehits account is not enough, we should also have a proper idea about the ads available here and we should experiment various ads without annoying the readers mind.

Well, as I’m using this CPA ad network from last 5 months, so I wanna share Some best Ad Formats in this Revenuehits review post which gives you more money! 😉


                                            1) Popup Ad

                                            2) Leaderboard

                                           3) Interstitial


1) Popup Ad: As per my personal opinion, and also considering my friends earnings, Popup (popunder) ad gave us the highest cash among all other ads.  So I wanna discuss a few lines in this review post about Popup ad!

Well, so let me tell you how this works. The moment when you keep the popup ad code in the new widget box on your website/blog, the ad starts to work immediately. So as the visitor visits your site and click anything on your site, then a new tab will be opened and the ad will be displayed in that new tab. So if the visitor goes to that new tab and installs the software in that particular ad, then we will get money since this is a CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising network. So once again I wanna remind you that, for entire Revenuehits ads, we won’t get any money if a reader views an ad or clicks an ad, we will earn money only if the reader performs an action which means he/she should click the ad & install the software in those particular ads!


2) Leaderboard: Leaderboard is also one of the best ads to earn more cash. You can keep this ad anywhere on your site as you like, like on top of the site or in top/middle of the posts. If you are using WordPress, you can easily insert the ad in anywhere of the posts by using plugins. I’m placing this ad in random positions of my posts by using Ad Injection plugin. And if you own a blogger blog, then too you can place the ad in the middle of the posts by following some tutorials on the google search.

An Advantage of placing the Leaderboard ad in middle/top of the posts is, sometimes the ad looks a bit tricky, the ad  says ‘You need to update your java player to see this page content’, or “This content requires Java Plug-in. Would you like to install it now?”, so an innocent reader will click it and install that software. 😛


3) Interstitial: Interstitial also works like Popup Ads. So I can say as, these both ads are similar only. So I’m not explaining this deeply as this is same as Popup Ad. Btw, New Tab Ad in “New Mobile Placement” also works like Popup Ad only!




  • Well, you can always check your earnings in the “Payments” section. The current balance, previous months earnings etc will be present there!



  • Now the minimum threshold Payment is $20 but not $50.
  • Revenuehits Payment is in net 30 terms. Which means if you earn total $60 in this month, then you’ll get that $60 in next month ending. For example, I’ve earned $116 in Aug month and they have sent that $116 in Paypal to me on Sep 25.
  • Payment will be done by Paypal, Wire, and Payoneer. So you can select your required method.
    [Suggestion: Don’t select the “Wire transfer”, becoz the minimum payout for wire transfer is 500$ here which is worst! You can’t earn 500$ in revenuehits easily, it may take 5 months to reach 500$ unless you have millions of traffic everyday! 😛 So better use “Paypal”] Btw, I’m using Paypal, and if you are about to use paypal too, then I wanna tell you some good news!
    Paypal won’t cut any transaction fee in the middle, whatever payment revenuehits sends you, you’ll get the full amount into your bank! 😀



Ok, just for the review purpose, I’m showing my payment proof too,







Well, as I’m using this from last 1 year, so I’ve shared all the things which I know in this Revenuehits review post. And I’m satisfied with this Ad Network. You too try it and let me know your feedback!



So finally my rating: * * *  (3/5) (satisfactory)


My Final Words:

To be frank, whether it is any ad network, unless we try it for 4-6 days, we can’t get an idea that it is good or bad. So give this Revenuehits a try for 5 days if your blog ad slots are empty. 😛 Experiment yourself with various ad formats available there like Popup ads, slider etc.

You may get more money than me, who knows? Hahaha 😀



So if you have doubts or any new ideas, please post it in the below comment box! Btw, please share this post with your blogger friends and let them also earn some money!


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Avinash S

He is from Andhra Pradesh, India. With studies, he loves to blog every day with his laptop. He likes computer and other related stuff a lot and he is a great music lover. You can catch him on:  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Anonymous says:

    Avinash Sir , Please reply and tell me which ad network can approve my Blog . I had 300+ traffic a day.

    • Avinash S says:

      Bro, first of all, your’s is free domain -[.blogspot.com], so please get a custom domain like .com or .net, and 300+ traffic won’t bring revenue anywhere.

      Atleast 1000+ traffic we can expect anything! 🙂

  • Himanshu says:

    How much revenue hits will pay for 100 impressions daily.

    • Avinash S says:

      Bro, 100 is too low, try to aim for 1000 atleast so that you can expect 1-2$ daily

  • How to approve revenue verify account?

  • My stat show impressions but didt not have revenue says:

    Hello avinash

  • Pavan says:

    How much time does it takes to see ads in my blog

    • Avinash S says:

      Maybe in a few hours, most cases less time only!

  • chetna says:

    Nice network I am work with 3 months.

  • how much we can earn for blog 1000 page views?

    • Avinash S says:

      Haha, how much USA traffic you get from that 1000 page views?

      If you’re getting 400 USA visitors in that 1000 page views, then u can earn 2-3$ per day easily!

  • m. karim says:

    How safe to use revenuehits in blogspot platform. Is it possible to use with AdSense.

    • Avinash S says:

      You can use both at a time, but you can easily cover the earnings under Adsense instead of using Revenuehits ads if you place Adsense ads properly! 🙂

  • JAYESH says:

    I am getting 500 to 1000 visitors on my technology blog techtok24.blospot.in mostly i derived the traffic from USA say 80% of the total so how much i can get if i place revenuehits add on my blog

  • Publishers can earn more profit than Adsense using Revenuehits,If they have large volume of traffic.But bad for low traffic as it is a CPA network.

  • John says:

    Woow really nice Review Thanks Avinash, Best of luck.

  • I completed all the process but ads won’t appear on my blog. What could be the reason?

    • Avinash S says:

      How many hours before you kept the ad code?

  • Bro i have a website that gets 1000+ daily visitors from India. but it get very low eCPM with revenuehits. It gives eCPM of 0.03 and 0.00 some days. Overall i don’t prefer revenuehits for Indian visitors.

    • Sreehari Sree says:

      Hey chandra prakash,
      If you have more than 1000+ daily hits in your blog, try Google AdSense, media(.)net or infolinks.
      These are better than revenuehits!

  • Abba Gana says:

    woow really nice, thanks mr Avinash s

  • hma ikbal says:

    You recommend AdSense. AdSense approval is very hard now days. So please recomed a CPM ads network for newly blogger.

    • Sreehari Sree says:

      AdSense approval isn’t hard.
      All you need is quality contents on your blog.
      Traffic is just a myth.
      About us, contact us and privacy policy pages are required for approval.
      Also a good navigation system

      Sreehari Sree

  • CrikTrik says:

    Hi Avinash, if you don’t mind can you check my site and tell me what can I improve on.. whether I should improve my design or contents and whether my ad placements are okay?
    My site is CrikTrik.com

    • Sreehari Sree says:

      Site have too many ads on it.
      Doesn’t look like professional.
      You need to find the best design for your blog.

  • Lucille says:

    Great review.A good alternative is Tribaladnetwork.com. Have a decent cpc rate and fast approval.

    • Avinash S says:

      Oh, I never tried That! 🙁

  • i get 10k to 20k views per day but my adsense revene per day is only 1$ what to do
    http://www.profantasycricket.com is my blog

    • Avinash S says:

      I’ve seen ur blog! To be frank. really a bad design in terms of the template, ads placements!

      As a blogger, I first recommend you to use a good, clean looking Template so that the reader will have a good experience while staying in ur blog which will help you to get repeated customers in long run! 🙂

    • Sreehari Sree says:

      Use any professional WordPress theme bro.
      AdSense optimized themes can bring more revenue!

  • hai Avinash, i am from Indonesia. I wanna ask a question about revenuehits, I have 15 clicks but no revenue i find on dashboard? can u know the problem?

    • Avinash S says:

      24hrs over?

      • BUJJU says:


  • viraat says:

    hy Avinash, recently my AdSense account disabled due to invalid activity on my blog. i join revenuehits to earn some amount to buy new domain and hosting to start my blogging journey once again. my daily traffic on a blog where i place revenuehits ads is 15,000 pageviews per day.
    so according to your point of you, will i be reach $20 amount in this month ?
    will be paid in next month after reaching payment threshold .?

  • lagu baru says:

    so many friends tell me that revenue hits its the best way to earn, thanks and i wanna try! 🙂

  • saifuddin says:

    I like your idea that you using revenuehits for renewing domain….
    I will sign up now thanks….

  • Rohan lotay says:

    i got 1000+ impressions but i don’t get eCPM and income update …?
    what can i do…?

    • Avinash S says:

      Did you checked after 24 hrs?

  • Randy says:

    Revenue Hits is a complete waste of time. If you really want to piss of your customers, go ahead and use it. All the ads are just “click here” buttons. No ad actually lets the user know what they are clicking. To make things worse, some of the clicks lead to Computer Security scams where the user it told they have a virus and given a phone number to call to speak with a “Microsoft Security Expert”. Avoid at all costs. Google will blacklist your site.

  • Lirik Lagu says:

    can i put revenuehits ads on song lyrics site?

  • Vinay mourya says:

    Hey avinash I have registered on revenuehits on 20 nov 2016 and I have 8000 daily traffic on my blog but I am still not earning I only earn on 23rd nov and 25th nov what should I do

    • Avinash S says:

      Can you show me screenshots pleas?

      • Vinay Mourya says:

        yes i am sending you a screenshot of my dashboard please visit this link —- https://postimg.org/gallery/2ss8u40hk/

        please help me you can check my ad placements in hvtechs.blogspot.com

        • Avinash S says:

          Iv’e seen the pics, when I checked your traffic stats in those pics, I found that you getting no traffic from imp foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia etc!
          CPA of USA, UK is high compared to all other countries which you are getting traffic from! That’s why you’re earning too less!

          Also, I suggest you to contact Revenuehits support team for the issue regarding < < earnings only on 23rd nov and 25th nov but not on other days >>, they may say the same reason which I said, but still contact them for accurate answer! 🙂

          Btw, why don’t you try Google Adsense on the same blog as you have good minimum traffic! 🙂

          • Luka Paunović says:

            Are you trying to tell us that they can NOT pay you even you had clicks?
            I think EVERY SINGLE CLICK needs to be paid by ad network.

            I had over 1000 clicks and no revenue.
            What is problem?

          • Avinash S says:

            I clearly told in the post that this is a CPA network! You won’t get paid just for clicks! 😛 People should click the Ad and install the software displayed the particular Ad!

  • abdo says:

    i am using them for 6 months, i am using 3 ads and 1 pop under. no earning, i just earn 91 cents.
    i am getting about 700 impression daily… about 200 visitors daily.

    • Avinash S says:

      200 visitors means really low for Revenuehits ad network! So obviously you’ll earn like 91 cents! :/ So try to increase traffic!

  • Yogesh Gaur says:

    I’ve signed up to revenue hits. My site is new. I add the ads of revenue hits to my sie. My friends click the ads and do the action that the add says to do. But i don’t earn even a dollar. What is the problem. Please reply me to my email.

    • Avinash S says:

      Is the problem solved now?

      Stats get updated once a day, so wait for update time!

      Also, 1 imp thing, Don’t try to cheat, they may ban your account! 😛

  • lovely.guy says:

    i want to ask you please . if i click on my ads in revenuehits Unintentionally or when i browse my blog ( you know the pop-ads ) so does that affect on my account ??

    • Avinash S says:

      If it happens once or twice in a life time, then no problem! So be careful from now on wards!

  • rahim says:

    hello admin i dont know why i cant get payment from revenuehits i earned 49$ in september and payments withdrawal date was 27th october but today is 28th october i didnt received payment please can you tell me what to do ?
    thanks in advance admin

    • Avinash S says:

      Wait for 2-4 days!

  • Joe says:

    Not bad. So I’m using 4 banners and the default pop-up (which activates every now and then but isn’t amazingly intrusive). Anyway I get around 700 clicks per day and earn around 10 bucks on average. With the default pop-up turned off i get around 6 bucks per day. I have 120k uniques per month. Do you think I can do better with another non-adsense ad service? I get anxious by those fake download type link ads that show in countries that don’t use revenuehits.

    And yeah, this service will hit your alexa ranking and visitors unless you pump out content and continue to grow.

    • Avinash S says:

      Other non-adsense networks are not that much good in terms of earnings! For example, infolinks is really worst! I heard that media.net is doing good, so plz try it once!

      Also, this revenuehits or Adsense won’t effect Alexa rank to big extent! 🙂

  • Rahimsafi says:

    Hello admin I receive daily 2000+ unique visitors and 10000+ impression from search engines my website is for free downloads can I get a little money from revenue hits

    • Avinash S says:

      Ya, you can earn! 🙂

      Try once and tell me the results!

      • rahim says:

        yeh i get monthly 150$ and daily aprox 6$ from my website rahim-soft.com thanks

  • Abner says:

    Hey, Avinash S,

    I have only one blog related to Health and I want to know that in Revenuehits Ads which Websites I have to mention. I can’t understand.

    • Avinash S says:

      Well, before to that question let me ask you 1 thing,

      Did you tried Adsense for your health blog? Becoz cpc of health niche is so high in Adsense which leads to more income for us!

      • abner says:

        Yeah I already applied twice for Adsense but rejected….. So I want to moved to Revenuehits..

        • Avinash S says:

          Ok, so now what’s your doubt in revenuehits.com? 🙂

          Ps: how much traffic you getting for this health blog?

          • Abner says:

            I am in start & get only 300 to 400 visitors on daily basis.

          • Avinash S says:

            Ok fine, also since you get very less traffic, your earnings in revenuehits won’t be good! 🙂

  • Manish Bhatt says:

    Hi Avinash,

    I have many website like travel, classified, coupon, job website, articles website etc. and i am using Revenuehits from march 16. i earn only 0.39 sens. can you tell me which type website can make good money using Revenue hits ads.


    • Avinash S says:

      So you recieve any foreign traffic like USA, UK etc?

      Coz in revenuehits.com, CPA of India is low, so if you receive 90% traffic from India, then obviously your earnings will be low in revenuehits.

      Also how many ads do you use?

  • safeer says:

    hello dear im safeer i have 42 dollor in revenuehits account how i can transfer ko payoneer accont i already attach payoneer acount with with revenue hits .my agust finalize earning has 38 dollor but not sent my payooner account

    • Avinash S says:

      Hello Safeer, your pending august earnings will be delivered to u on after Sep 25th, I told you na in post that we should wait around 30 days to receive the payment! 🙂

  • reehan raza says:

    i want to post add in every post of blogger.. i tried posting from HTML editor but an errorr occurred
    plz help

    • Avinash S says:

      Which ad format is that? where you placed?

  • Tannusyed says:

    Can u pls show me full detail about wiretransfer payment from revenuehits

    • Avinash S says:

      Hey, sorry bro, I never used “wire transfer” in my life! Now I’ve seen the “wire transfer” in revenuehits “billing information“, it looks complicated, also the minimum payout for wire transfer is 500$ here which is worst! You can’t earn 500$ in revenuehits easily, it may take 5-6 months to reach 500$!

      So better use “paypal” as i’m using it for my revenuehits account, it’s so simple one with 20$ min payout!

  • where i post code in my blogger i dont know please give step by step guide
    i want ad show top of my post

    • Avinash S says:

      ya, for that go to “layout” section and add a text/html box before the blog post!

      Ok, soon I’ll try to make videos for this blogger, wordpress sections!

  • Venugopal K. says:

    Good Article, I’m looking for much info from many days regarding the RevenuHits.

  • Smriti says:

    Hi. Thanx for the information. I followed the steps but no ad appears in my site. Infact, when i paste the code, nothing happens, Some ads for music, movies to download and install appear. Can you please help?

    • Avinash S says:

      Yes, only those kind (music, movies to download and install ) ads appear in Revenuehits since it is CPA platform! Don’t worry, after 4-5 days, the ad codes will show more kind of ads (related to CPA)!

  • Alpha says:

    I’ve been using Revenuehits for a month now. as I’m not focused on monetizing my site, i didnt payed attention on how much i was earning but recently i found out that my site has received more than 5k impressions and more than hundred clicks but still my revenue is 0.00$. Are you familiar with such problem? what should I do?( I tried contacting with support team.)

    • Avinash S says:

      Can you please show me the screenshots? 🙂

  • Temmy says:

    Hi. I just placed the revenuehits code on my blogger but the ads are scattered. I don’t really understand how it works. The only ad displaying is ‘download here’

    2. Will i get banned if the number of pageview i have is equal or almost equal to my CPA?

    • Avinash S says:

      1) May be you have placed the ads in wrong manner! It should work always fine depending upon the ad positions we choose!

      < The only ad displaying is ‘download here’ > Yes, for first 24 hrs, you will propably see this only! It takes some time to detect what’s your site is, what ads should be shown! So after 24 hrs, you’ll start noticing different ads!

      2) No you won’t get banned unless you do any fraud! You can run Revenuehits on a blog which has 0 traffic too! 🙂

  • Robiul says:

    i cant add revenue hits link in my blogger site . it says “XML, লাইন 214, কলাম বিশ্লেষণ ত্রুটি94: The reference to entity “type” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter”

    • Avinash S says:

      On blogger, where u were adding the code? which ad slot?

      Can you show me any screenshots plz?

  • Sino says:

    I just signed up with Revenue hits and I uploaded the revenue hit official pluggin on my wordpress, but there is no where for placement code, no widgets, no setting area in the pluggin.

    There is really a big challenge to displaying Revenue hit advert on wordpress blog, the advert are not showing despite all that was done.

    Please you can put up a detailed write up on this and how to go about it.
    There are millions out there with the same challenge.

    Please help out fast!!!!!


    • Avinash S says:

      Hello Sino,

      I never used the “the revenue hit official pluggin”, instead I used “Ad injection” plugin which is so easy to use, which gives us more control over insertion of ads! So I recommend you to try this Ad Injection plugin!

      Also, just like Ad injection plugin, there are many other plugins which works fine for Revenuehits, like Ad Inserter, Quick adsense plugins etc!

    • Avinash S says:

      Also soon I’ll try to add the info regarding which plugins works, how to insert the Revenuehits ads in both blogger, wordpress platforms.

  • Barcha says:

    How i increase impressions on my blog and what types of ads and banners i should use plese guide me my blog is

    • Avinash S says:

      Hello bro, see, it dosen’t matter how much impressions we get! Revenuehits is not CPM network to pay as per “no of impressions” which we get! It’s a CPA network! Please read the post once again which I wrote so that you will understand what is Revenuehits!

      Also, as asked about < >, here we can select only sizes of banners but not types of ads! Once we insert the ad code, we get different ads and we have no control to select particular type of ads!

  • Adnane says:

    hey friend!
    i want ask you if i can make just one placement in all my 150 pages in my website
    or each page with new placement

    • Avinash S says:

      You can make 1 placement in all ur 150 pages. Use “Ad injection” plugin if your site is wordpress!

  • charan says:

    hi avinash ! heard about revenue hits but did not tried, can we use along with adsense account or will problem thanks in advance ..

    • Avinash S says:

      No problem, but don’t use too many ads of revenuehits if you are using adsense with it!

      Btw, Adsense alone is best compared to Revenuehits, so try to increase your blog traffic and earn via Adsense only compared to revenuehits!

  • Hiral says:

    Hi avinash thanks for detail post for revenuehits

    is revenuehits perform best for downloading site or it’s annoy user for regular blog ?


    • Avinash S says:

      We can use on both type of blogs! Performance depends upon your traffic! If a site has more USA traffic, then they earn high compared to other blogs using revenue hits.

      For regular blogs too it works good with minimum 1 pop up, 1 leaderboard ad. Even I used revenue hits on this Tricks99 for almost 1 yr! 😀

  • All of my ads are surveys , how do i get the ads that are downloadable software instead?

    • Avinash S says:

      Hey, the ads are automatic! Sometimes they show survey ads, sometimes they show downloadable ads!

      So we can’t do anything for that!

      • Avinash S says:

        Also, the survey ads too give you good amount! So nothing to worry!

  • Stephen says:

    Please can you explain to me, I have earned $28 last month (April) through revenuehits and I have earned $110 this month of (may)
    Does it mean im receiving the total of $138
    This month or im just receiving $28 that I earned last month?

    • Avinash S says:

      You are going to receive only $28 in this may month! At this month ending You will get that!

  • can we use both google adsense or revenuehits in one site or how much minimum traffic?

    • Avinash S says:

      Yes, you can use both of them on 1 site!

  • Balakumar says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and information dude Have a nice day.

  • ibrahim indor says:

    hello …i like this post
    but i have one question…
    i have my blog and i have 17 posts in it.
    and i have 250 something visitors daily..
    so how much ammount i earn..
    and how much amount i withdrow from revenuhits at the starting…

    • Avinash S says:

      With 250 visitors, we can’t really estimate you know! It depends upon how you place the ads, what ads you place!

      You can withdraw 20$, 20$ is the threshold limit for anyone!

  • Hira Rai says:

    Excellent post about Revenuehits Review! Now all my doubts got cleared! Thanks 🙂

  • jennifer says:

    Hello! Can you plz tell me? by revenue hits. per click how much will i earn?

    • Avinash S says:

      Hey,you won’t earn anything per click! This is not CPC program! You will earn only if a person clicks an ad and install the software in that respective ad!

      And, now you gonna ask me how much will I earn per CPA? 😛 Hahaha, even I asked the same question to the Revenuehits staff, but they didn’t answered it! So nobody exactly knows it!

  • >