What role does Snapchat plays in the investigation of resonant cases: 3 examples from Real life!

Snapchat plays an important role in the investigation of a number of resonant crimes. I’m referring Examples too below about how the intervention in Snapchat helps prevent a problem or bring the case to trial.

Snapchat firmly enters the global space as a stable phenomenon, therefore, along with its presence, there are both positive and negative things arise. Let us dwell on the last ones.

The very concept of this application pushes the user to go beyond, as self-destruction of the taken photos and video conditionally nullifies the “act”. Allegedly, you can capture everything you want, and it will be unpunished. Or Snapchat simply accompanies insane antics.


snapchat - spying


Anyway, the data here is not completely lost and can serve as an instrument for the disclosure of crimes. The question: is it correct to make the content public, even on individual occasions? In any case, already now, accidentally or not, Snapchat accompanies the disclosure or investigation of various resonant incidents.


Here are some examples from recent news,


  1. Rape video shooting


The woman from Chicago recorded in Snapchat and published a video of the rape of her unconscious friend. Without going into the details of the story, the young man woke up the next morning naked in a terrible physical condition. On arrival, he saw recorded video of his rape by strangers in his profile. He came to the police with this and now his friend will be brought to justice. how to spy on snapchat? How can we stop it?  This problem is still open…



  1. Racist photo publication


Two students in the city of Albuquerque (USA) were temporarily excluded from high school after publishing a fateful racist photo in Snapchat. The photo was a class in the classroom. The faces of all the pupils of the class, with the exception of one African-American girl, were closed with a picture of a white cap. The white cone-shaped cap is a symbol of white racists from the Ku Klux Klan, who put it on their heads during brutal actions to intimidate and remain anonymous against the black-skinned population of the country for more than 100 years of history.

The fact of publication of the photo became known to the school administration after it was founded in the official community of Snapchat of this school (Volcano Vista High School). Not indifferent pupils were aroused with this photo, and they showed it to the school administration.

After this, an investigation of the incident began, the students were suspended from school, and the parents of the “victim” expressed serious concern for her safety and prohibited her from attending classes to her and her sister.

But punished students claim that this was just an unsuccessful joke. Also, parents added that the manifestations of racism over their children have occurred over the past three years, but no action has been taken in this regard.



  1. Provocatively dangerous behavior within the school


17-year-old student of Garner Magnet High School (Garner, USA) were arrested for a threat to the school, made in Snapchat. Judah Alexander Dennis published a photo in evening with gun, bullets and menacing comments against the school. After threats and detention, the police will still be on duty at the school to stabilize the situation.

After considering the case, the court sentenced the guy to 39 months in prison with a pledge of $ 5,000 under the responsibility of the parent until the next hearing. The guy’s grandmother notes that she did not notice the defiant behavior behind him and, accordingly, encouraged parents to look more closely at their children on the Internet.

Even non-directional impulses can lead to serious punishment, as in this case.

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