How to Sell Domain Names Easily 

Hey Guys, today I’m gonna share my knowledge with you about how you can easily sell your domain names with minimal efforts and earn some decent money quickly. Personally, I’m a Domainer too, with Blogging, I do Domaining also and I sold many domains. so I thought I could share the information with you so that you can learn about selling domain names and earn a good amount of money.

So let’s get into the topic,

To make this post easy to understand for all the readers, I’m gonna break the post into 4 sections. You can sell your domain names by using any of the sections below, just read the post completely once, try to understand the concepts and then decide on your own to use which section or platform to sell your domain names.

Section 1: Inbound PlatformsSection 2: ForumsSection 3: Social Media GroupsSection 4: Outbound Methods

Before getting into the 4 sections, let me tell you about the 2 utmost basic things of selling a domain name which is Inbound Sale and Outbound Sale.

What is Inbound Sale?

Inbound sales are sales where the buyer comes to us automatically on their own and negotiate with us. Generally, we (sellers) will list our domains for sale in Domain Marketplaces like,,, etc and buyers will come to us automatically if they like our domain names.

What is Outbound Sale?

Outbound sales are sales where we (sellers) will approach clients or prospects via email or phone or social media and pitch them our domain names and convert them into buyers. It’s like selling dictionaries on roads. You need to explain to your clients about why your domain name fits well for their businesses and convert them into sales.

So let’s begin our Section 1 which is about Inbound Platforms and Inbound sales.

Coming to Inbound Sales,Today I’m gonna share some FREE platforms where you can list your all domains for FREE and pay commission only if a sale happens. You don’t need to pay any upfront fees for listing or before listing, and you will pay commission only when your domain name gets sold. How cool is it? :DEvery site/platform which I mention below in Inbound category has their own escrow service. So there’s no way that buyer or seller gets cheated in Money when a sale happens anytime. These are one of the top free platforms in the Domaining Industry right now,


This company was first founded in 1999. But later in 2013, Godaddy acquired Afternic. As of now, more than 13 Million Domain names were listed for sale on Afternic Platform. The main reason why I kept Afternic at No 1 place on the list is, there is a unique feature in Afternic that no other site or platform has this feature in the below list of platforms.

Unique Feature:

Listing a Domain Name for sale at Afternic platform is like listing for sale in more than around 100 registrars and domain resellers. Which means, if you list your Domain Name for sale at Afternic Marketplace, your domain name will be listed for sale in it’s all partnered registrars like,,,, etc. Let me give you an easy example to understand, I own a Premium Domain Name called TNU.CO and I listed it for sale on Afternic Marketplace, so now when any random person from any country searches that name TNU.Co on registrars like Dynadot, Namesilo, etc, it will show there directly that My domain is Available to Purchase for this much price.You can see the below pics,

The below one is’s search,


The below one is’s search,


I listed my Domain Name on Afternic for $1775 Price, so that’s why it’s showing the same price on all it’s partnered registrars like Namesilo, Dynadot, etc.

How to sell a domain name in Afternic:

1) Create an account: Creating an account in Afternic is completely Free. Once you set up your Seller profile there completely, you can list your domains for sale.2) Add Domain Names For Sale:In your account Dashboard, there will be an option called “List Domains“, or under “Portfolio” option, there’s an option called “Add Domains“, so you can click any of those 2 options and can list your domains for sale. 3) Set Price:Make sure that you set a realistic price. Becoz nobody would like to buy things for over price. So the more less price you keep, is the more chances you have your domains to get sold fastly and easily.


If you are not sure about the “Buy now” price of your domain name, then set the “Minimum” price, so that interested buyers will submit their offer and you can negotiate with them in emails for closing the deal.

TIP: If you list your domain price as “Buy Now” rather than “Make an offer”, then your Domain name will be given an additional boost, which means your domain name will be listed in more partnered registrars compared to the “Make an offer” Domain listing type. But this doesn’t mean that you should keep your listing type as “Buy Now”for all of your domain names. It completely depends upon your personal choice. If you clearly know the Value of your Domain name, then set it to “Buy Now” Listing type. If you’re not sure about the Value/Resale Price of your Domain name, then I suggest you to choose “Make an offer” listing type.For more information about Selling Domains on Afternic Marketplace, you can check this link.

Commission Charges:

Coming to the Commission Charges, Their Commission ranges from 20% to around 25%. For Sales below $5000, 20% Commission will be charged.For example, if you listed a Domain name for $1000, and sale has happened, so they will take a Commission of $200 which means Flat 20%, and you will be paid a Net Amount of $800.


In general, we use Nameservers of any of these platforms in order to display a “For Sale” Landing page when anyone visits our domain name.

And coming to Afternic, another advantage here is, it’s not mandatory to add Afternic Nameservers on your domain name in order to sell, You can just list your domain names in the Afternic Marketplace and forget about it. It’s that simple! If a sale happens anytime, they will let you know in an email, then you need to transfer the domain as per the instructions written in the Email. They will guide you completely. For more information about Domain Parking and Nameservers of Afternic, you can check this link.

2 Previously known as, this company was founded in 2014. This is my second favourite marketplace for selling domains as they have good looking “For sale” landing pages, and a smooth interface website for us to list domain names for sale. Also, another cool feature here is we can sell our domains in installments. This Installments feature will help buyers to buy our domain names more often compared to buying at a single time with “Buy Now” Price. In general, for most of my domain names, I use Nameservers only as their “For sale” landing pages are so clean and easily understandable for the sellers to purchase our domain names. For example, you can have a look at my domain name “TNU.Co” which I listed for sale in and using their Nameservers to display “For sale” landing page.


Once you setup the landing page to your domain name, you can use it for Outbound marketing whenever you want. Or even in the other case, a buyer can anytime visit your domain name and purchase it right away on that landing page itself. For example, while doing Outbound for my domain name “TNU.Co”, I mentioned to some prospects in the emails earlier that they can purchase the domain name in future anytime by simply going to “TNU.Co”.So let me show you how you can list your domains for sale in Dan Platform,

How to sell a domain name in

1) Create an account: Creating an account in is completely Free. Once you set up your Seller profile there completely, you can list your domains for sale.2) Add Domain Names For Sale:

In your account Dashboard, there will be an option called “Portfolio“, 

Click on “Portfolio”. Then under the “Domain Importer” Menu button, you will be seeing “Add Domains” option. So you can add as many domains as you own.

3) Set Price:Now set price for your domain name as per its value and as per your choice whether as “Buy Now” or “Starting Offer”. Here ‘Starting Offer’ means ‘Minimum offer’


For more information about Selling Domains on DAN Marketplace, you can check this link.

Commission Charges:

DAN marketplace takes a flat 9% fee as their Commission Charge.For example, if you listed a Domain name for $1000, and sale has happened, so they will take a Commission of $90 which means Flat 9%, and you will be paid a Net Amount of $910.

Installments Option:

How does selling a domain in installments work?

You can enable offering installments to your buyers directly from your account settings or portfolio. Once the buyer has initiated the transaction by paying the first installed payment, the domain name will be taken to DAN’s Escrow service until the total purchase price is paid. 

When the buyer is in default, you get to keep the received installed payments and the domain will be returned to you.For example, both buyer and seller have agreed to a 9 months Installments plan, and the buyer has suddenly left in the 4th month, then the domain name will be returned to Seller by DAN’s Escrow team as Buyer left in the middle by breaking the agreement. So this will be a huge advantage to Seller as the seller still owns the domain name and gained 3 months amount for free without selling anything.


It’s completely optional whether to use DAN’s Nameservers or not. Like I said above, I personally use DAN’s Nameservers as I really like their “For Sale” Landing Pages. So you can try once on your own

For more information about using Nameservers of DAN Marketplace, you can check this link.


SEDO which stands for “Search Engine for Domain Offers”, this company was founded in 1999 and since 2006 it started to be one of the famous marketplaces in the Domaining industry.Right now, around 19 million domains are listed for sale in And it has around 2 million registered customers at present. Also, another interesting fun fact is, 700,000 domain sales have happened here since the start of the company. On average, every month, 3,500 domain sales are happening in Sedo. So with no doubt, we can say that Sedo is one of the largest Domain MarketPlaces in the world. Also, why almost every domainer likes Sedo is, there are many potential buyers available here. If you have a good quality name, then there are good chances that you can expect a sale in Sedo. It all depends upon the quality of your domain name. Not only in just Sedo, if you truly have a quality name, then you can expect sales everywhere like Afternic or Dan, etc.The reason why I listed Sedo at no #3 position here but not above is, this website’s interface or layout is a bit confusing for New People. I joined in 2018, I still remember, it took me almost a week time to understand the site and where and how to list my names there.So let me show you now in an easy way how you can list your domains for sale in Sedo Platform,

How to sell a domain name in

1) Create an account: 

Creating an account in Sedo is completely Free. Once you set up your Seller profile there completely, you can list your domains for sale.

2) Adding Domain Names For Sale & Setting Prices:

In the “My Sedo” section at the top right, there will be an option called “Add Domains“, click on that and you will be redirected to a page where there will be 3 steps,

Step 1: Enter Domains

Step 2: Price Domains

Step 3: Activate SedoMLS Premium


Here Step 3 (SedoMLS Premium) is an optional one. Basically, MLS means “Multi Listing Services”. Your domain name will be promoted on multiple registrars which leads to maximum exposure possible. So if you want to opt this feature, you need to set your domain listing price as “Buy Now” but not “Make Offer” and also the registrar site where you purchase your domain name should be compatible with Sedo MLS feature.  

For more information about Sedo MLS Feature, you can check these articles –>> Why and how should I activate SedoMLS Premium?

>>  What are the requirements for participation in SedoMLS Premium? 

>> What are the benefits of SedoMLS? 

 >> Which registrars are participating in SedoMLS?

Also, For more information about Selling Domains on SEDO Marketplace, you can these below links,

>>  The complete guide to selling a domain – Selling Domains from START To FINISH

>> How do I list domains in my account?

Commission Charges:

In, the Commission Charges varies a bit.

>> For “Buy Now” listing type sale, 10% commission charge.

>> For “Make Offer” listing type sale, 15% commission charge.

>> For sales happened over Sedo MLS partners, 20% commission charge.

For more information about commission charge on Sedo Marketplace, you can check this link or you can even contact their customer support.

Nameservers & Domain Verification:

Just like and, there’s no rule that you should always use the company nameservers only inorder to list domains for sale.

But there’s one exception in, every domain name which you list for sale in needs to be verified

You can verify your domains names in Sedo by using Nameservers or TXT or CNAME or A-record or IP addresses or and MX- records.

Check this link – How does Sedo verify my ownership of a domain?

How to Verify Domains in Sedo

Generally, using Nameservers for verification in Sedo takes a lot of time, so I suggest you prefer any other methods like TXT or CNAME etc. 

If you want to park your domain names on Sedo which means displaying third-party ads and ‘For Sale’ banner together, then you need to use Sedo’s Nameservers. But I suggest you to skip this parking service as their ‘For Sale’ landing pages don’t look that much beautiful and also most probably no one will even click the ads on your parking page too. 

You can check these links – What are the advantages of parking with Sedo? & How do I park my domains with Sedo?


SquadHelp marketplace is famous for Brandable domain names just like 

But SquadHelp is not just like Afternic or Dan or Sedo Marketplaces. The difference is, in Squadhelp you can’t list whatever domains you own. Basically, SH has 3 listings options called Basic, Basic Plus, Premium. In those, to be frank, only “Premium” listing is helpful to us. “Basic” and “Basic Plus” listings are useless here.

 You can submit all your domains in Basic and Basic Plus listings without any approvals, but Buyers will mostly see Premium Listings domains only in the marketplace there as Premium Category domains are only promoted in that site. And Coming to that Premium listings, we should first submit our domains to Squadhelp in order to check whether it’s eligible or not for their Premium listings Category. They have their own rules. Their staff will review and let us know via Email (Within 48 Hours) if our domain Name gets approved in their Premium listings category. So if you think you have a good brandable domain name, then you can try submitting it to their Premium Listings. You can check this article for what kind of names in general they accept for Premium Listings. 

For more information about Squadhelp, you can check these articles,

>> What are Basic, Basic Plus and Premium Marketplace Listings

>> How to submit names in Squadhelp Domain Marketplace

>> Marketplace Submission Best Practices (Premium Listings)

Commission Charges:

Squadhelp commission charges are a bit high compared to other marketplaces. 

And their commission charges vary as per the sale prices.

In general, it’s like this,

For a sale of a domain below $2499, they charge 35% of the selling price.

For $2500 to $5000 price range, 30% of the selling price

$5000 to $50k, 25% of the selling price

$50k to $75k, 20% of the selling price

$75k, 15% of the selling price

For example, if you listed a Domain name for $3000 in Squadhelp, and sale has happened, so they will take a commission of 30% and you will be paid a Net Amount of $2100 after the domain is transferred to the buyer. 

For more detailed information about commission charges of Squadhelp Marketplace, you can check this link.


In Squadhelp marketplace you must always use their Nameservers only in order to list a domain for sale in their marketplace. 

Your ‘For Sale’ landing page will be displayed only after you assign their nameservers. 

For more information about using Nameservers of Squadhelp Marketplace, you can check this link.

There are many forums available in Domaining Industry, but out of all, there is the best one called is the most active forum out of all. There are thousands of Domainers available in Namepros. So let me share some valuable info regarding Namepros Forum.

This was founded in 2003. Not only this forum is for just buying and selling domains simply, but this forum is also full of knowledge with Tips, Insights and Guides. Complete info about A to Z of Domaining is discussed here daily by a lot of domainers. So if you’re a beginner and would like to learn something about Domaining, then you can always rely on NamePros.Coming to our post, about the selling part, let me show you how you can sell your domains in Namepros.

How to sell a domain name in

1) Create an account:

Creating an account in Namepros is completely Free. Once you register your profile there completely, you can list your domains for sale.

2) Sell Domain Names:

There is a separate section in NamePros for everything. So in the same way, there’s a separate section called “Sell Domains” where you can list your domain for sale. You can click here for that.

So under this section “Sell Domains”, there are many popular listings types available such as “Fixed Price“, “Make an Offer“, “Numeric Domains“, “Brandable Domains“, etc. You just need to choose the relevant one depending upon the domain names you own.


So once you choose your relevant section, you need to post there about your domain name and the corresponding details. 

The most general format is:

Domain Name: ___________

Registrar: ___________

Registered on: ___________

Expires on: ___________

Renewal Price: ___________

Transfer Methods: ___________ (Push or Auth code)

Your Sale Price Details: ___________ ___________ ___________

 ___________ ___________ ___________

Payment Methods: ___________



(or) you can check these threads by clicking here for more real examples. 

So once you post your details and publish it, any interested buyers will Comment down on your post or Message you regarding the Negotiations or other Sale relevant things. 

In general, the Payment Methods used here by most domainers are PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

Commission Charges: Zero (0)Since this will be a direct deal between Buyer and Seller, so there are no Commission Charges to be paid to anyone. You will deal on your own. If you don’t trust the buyer, you can ask him to send Payment first and then immediately you can transfer the domain to you. It’s all about the deal how you set up with the Buyer. If the buyer is hesitant to send payment first and you as a seller is hesitant to transfer the domain first, then you can both use any external marketplace which has escrow services. For example, if it’s a $500 deal, then I will ask the buyer to come over on and complete the deal there by paying the escrow charges there.

You can even sell your domain names in social media platforms which most of us use daily like Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp, etc.Buyers are everywhere, you just need to find them and pitch your quality domain names. I am sharing some of the active Buy/Sell groups in Social Media groups, you can join them anytime and post there about your sale details. Before posting there, first, observe how others are posting and then make your own format.

LinkedIn Groups:

       >> Domain Sellers

       >> Premium Domain Investors

      >> – The Place To Talk Domains

Facebook Groups:

>> Domain Names Selling/Buying

>> Domain Name ForSale

>> Domain Name Marketplace

>> Buy And Sell Domain Names – Domain Names For Sale Or Bid

>> Domains – For Sale

>> Premium Domain Names For Sale

Like I said at the beginning of the post, outbound means we (sellers) will approach clients on our own and convert any interested clients into sales.

Most of the domainers use these below platforms for outbound pitches,

  • Emails
  • Social Media (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Phone Calls

And I suggest you to start with Email approach as it’s the most formal way so far. If you can’t find email addresses of your respective clients or prospects, then try to find them on Social Media and pitch them there. I sold one of my domains recently on Facebook platform as I couldn’t find the email addresses of my prospect on their website, so I pinged them on their company’s Facebook page and thus started the conversation, took their email for further communications and closed the deal on emails finally.

Personally, I avoid Phone Calls approach method bcoz I’m not good at convincing the clients on phone, also nowadays, most people will think that we sellers are some kind of spam and avoid us. So I wouldn’t take that risk as I’m comfortable talking over emails or social media. 

I’m also sharing some pictures below as examples of most general outbound templates which you can use on emails or social media. Don’t try to copy as it is, just read it and get some idea on your own and make a similar template on your own. 


You can also search “Outbound templates” on forum for learning more about sales templates, how to write them. Just for reference, I’m giving you a few links of Namepros, you can check here about sales templates for domain names.>>>>>>

So that’s it, guys. I’ve shared the complete information which I know about how to sell domain names. If you have any doubts or questions regarding selling the domain names, then please leave a comment below. I’m happy to reply to you all! 🙂

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