Top Most 6 Secret Whatsapp Tricks Which You Should Never Miss!


2) Run WhatsApp on a Tablet Without an SIM card!

Well, nowadays, people using tablets have increased a lot compared to the previous time. But there are many tablets which we use for the only net purpose, which don’t contain Sim Card facility. 


use-whatsapp-on tablet-without-sim-card


And of course, we all know that Whatsapp requires Sim card for sure. So for those tablets which don’t have sim card facility, here is a trick to use Whatsapp on your tablet. 😀


1) Make sure you have a spare mobile, ‘coz with the help of this, we will enter the code in tablet while verification.

2) Now Install WhatsApp on the tablet with the no you are using in spare mobile.

3) Start the verification process.

4) While the verification is going on, the verification text message is sent to the spare phone and now you can enter this code manually into the tablet to verify.

5) So that’s it. So Simple na! 😉


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  1. Itni kuch krneki jrurt ni h bhai..Play store se parallel space or multiple account app in Samsung download krke jitni chaho utni account bnaskte ho yarr

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