Best Home Theatre PC Softwares in 2018

home theatre

Let’s admit it we all love home streaming videos, now if you are here so I am sure you know what HTPC stands for, but if in case you don’t then it is nothing but an abbreviation for Home theater PC software. Majority of applications are limited to desktop with mouse and keyboard, but when […]

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Blogging Vs. Vlogging—Which Earns You More Money?


Hola, in the early days of the internet, blogging dominated netizen expressions! (Remember MySpace?) But as internet has gone high-speed, video is now rapidly rising as the dominant form of content online. Blogging now has a cousin-vlogging. 😀 If you want to create an online personality and possibly make money, it’s worthwhile to consider whether […]

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‘Bosch GO’- The Smart Screwdriver!

Bosch Go

Bosch Power Tools India, recently launched a smart screwdriver ‘Bosch GO’. ‘Bosch GO’ is the smart screwdriver where a simple push gets the work done and it‘s intelligent E-clutch system knows when to stop on reaching the target torque. The strong spindle lock closes the gap between manual and automatic operation helping users to stop […]

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What role does Snapchat plays in the investigation of resonant cases: 3 examples from Real life!

snapchat - spying

Snapchat plays an important role in the investigation of a number of resonant crimes. I’m referring Examples too below about how the intervention in Snapchat helps prevent a problem or bring the case to trial. Snapchat firmly enters the global space as a stable phenomenon, therefore, along with its presence, there are both positive and […]

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How admitad CPA Network helps Affiliate Marketers to Make Money

admitad CPA affiliate network

Out of several marketing techniques and online money making resources, Affiliate marketing emerged as one of the favorites for either Advertisers or Publishers. However, the term “Affiliate Marketing” itself is broad which includes several performance based action such as CPL, CPA, CPC etc.. CPA stands for Cost-per-Action or Cost-per-Acquisition which inspires publishers to drive sales […]

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Now Download WhatsApp Desktop Messenger App on Computer/Laptop!

Hello friends, so far as I’ve written 2 tutorials regarding Downloading WhatsApp on Computer/Laptop with Bluestacks software [for those who don’t have smart phones], Using WhatsApp on PC/Laptop – Web Browser, so here today I wanna share the 3rd method by which we can use Whatsapp on computer/laptop by official desktop messenger app provided by Whatsapp company on on May 11, […]

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