Now make your Computer/Laptop faster with these cool tricks!


3) Remove Unnecessary Visual FX & Animations

We generally tend to have a lot of Visual FX or animations on our PC, home screen etc. For example, an animated HD, GIF or normal animation wallpaper instead of Static Wallpaper! And this results in the load on your processor to accommodate the animation changes regularly as it doesn’t stop the moment you switch from Home screen to the other application, but the animation wallpaper gets loaded even during the other processes. :/

The themes and color schemes after windows 7 are causing the delay if advanced among them are used! And you can use basic color scheme & theme for the maximum increase in the performance of your Pc.

Try to minimize or remove the unnecessary animations, visual FX on your PC to make it run at a faster pace than it is running now. 😉


4) Remove Unnecessary Gadgets & Softwares

There are many gadgets occupying your desktop like fancy clock, calendar, Yahoo or Gmail notification bar and some other heavy gadgets. Try to remove them on your desktop and you can automatically notice the increase of the speed in your PC.

Coming to Software thing, we install many softwares and forget to uninstall them which we are not using now! Due to this, there would be a lot of disk space occupied by them and causing the other imp softwares to adjust the available space only!

Though you need all softwares, try to remove some softwares for which a substitute exists on the internet and whenever you need that application, you can simply use the browser instead of a software from your PC.


4) Remove Unnecessary Gadgets & Softwares



5) Use a proper Antivirus software


Prevention is better than cure in the case of any virus especially computer virus!

If you already have an Anti-Virus software, please do a system test in order to check if any virus is causing the issue. And, if you don’t have any Anti-Virus software, then you need to get one because, the virus is a program which can make your system slow as it takes the rights which are available only for OS and starts using for itself. There is a wide range of viruses which can harm your computer and some of them would actually irritate you by doing many activities by themselves without your intervention either!

So always use an AntiVirus which is trusted by the whole world and which upgrades its security with the increase in the viruses. There are many Anti-Virus providers who provide excellent protection to your machine like Avast, Mc Afee, Norton, Kaspersky etc. If you can’t afford the premium versions of them, at least, go for the basic or trial version which they offer for free, to at least prevent some Viruses from entering into your machine.




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