Now make your Computer/Laptop faster with these cool tricks!


10) Your Computer’s Updates should be Up to date

Most of the times, when you fail to shut down or restart your computer or due to unavailability of the internet, the system updates won’t be regularly updated though they are sent by the OS manufacturing company! This can cause the delay because updates sometimes carry fixes for the bugs available in the previous versions of software and if your PC isn’t up to date, then that might be a good reason for this slowness in the machine.

So update your computer regularly to avoid the slow function!


11) Run a Disk Fragment

The speed of a device depends on the speed of the disk and if the disk is poorly fragmented, then this aspect gives rise to an inefficient load of the disk and thus the system lags. You can manually fragment the disk through default approach, but that is not always advisable as it won’t provide a permanent solution.

You can make use of Diskeeper to solve this fragmentation issue as they are one of the best in the market to solve the disk fragmentation problems.


disk fragment-2



12) Dust up your Hardware

Brushing up your hardware means cleaning your computer and its parts. because, sometimes external dust might cause some of the lag in the performance of the computer. This might not be easy with a laptop, but can be easily possible with your PC, this doesn’t require you to be a computer geek or a hardware expert, it just requires a brush and screwdriver. You can clean your computer in the following two steps,

1) Open your CPU dome or the external covering which allows you to have a look at the existing

2) Take a brush and just dust your computer so that you can find if anything is looking abnormal, if there is any hardware issue like any wire is miss plugged or unplugged, then those can be too rectified and most of the times, the airflow is obstructed due to the dust. This obstruction would definitely result in the slowness of your PC.




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