Now make your Computer/Laptop faster with these cool tricks!


7) Reduce the App launches during the Start of PC

You can reduce the load time even by reducing the number of applications which load during the start of your PC, this can be done with the help of msconfigyou can open your Microsoft configuration with help of Run (Windows button + R) or type run in Search to open and then give the msconfig command & then click enter.

A dialog box opens where you can see options like General, Boot, Services, Startup, Tools. By navigating to the Startup tab, you can choose which apps to be opened during the start of your PC and which are the apps to be disabled. You can disable some of the apps based on their impact to the machine. 🙂







8) Speed up your browser by clearing Cache

Whenever your browser is working, it saves some amount of data within its pocket (memory) to get the results which you have most recently searched, used. This is one of the coolest features of the browser, but it can result in adverse effects if you don’t check you Browser Cache & cookies frequently.

They are a little amount of information, but they sit in a very demanded place called cache. So, you can clear them. Mostly running your CCleaner would clean them, or you can do them manually directly through your browser.





9) Shutdown your Computer regularly

Many of us don’t consider it important to shut down our machine regularly and instead, we turn into sleep mode or hibernate!

sometimes this doesn’t switch off the processes or hardware on your machine and it can lead to the failure. So, try to close all your processes and shut down your PC regularly instead of keeping it in Hibernate or sleep mode.


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