Now make your Computer/Laptop faster with these cool tricks!


13) Reinstall your windows or OS

The lag in your system can be a result of your OS also, Operating system is an integral part of your PC and every activity in your PC is decided by your OS based on the inputs which you give it and if the system is lagging even after trying to rectify the problem through the tricks which we have mentioned before, then you can go for an OS re-installation or Formatting your machine.

Many geeks run away from formatting the PC (including me) as it involves a lot of rework! 😛 But, don’t forget to take backup of your files into your cloud or hard drive before you begin to re-install your PC to make it fast.

btw, don’t forget to take backup of your files into your cloud or hard drive before you begin to re-install your PC to make it fast.

If you are 100% confident that your PC’s hardware is good and the problem is with the OS alone, then only go for this step, else, don’t go for it, because even after your reinstall your OS into PC, there won’t be much difference found!


14) Use an external Hard drive or an SSD

By freeing up the existing system storage and transferring the whole data into a portable device, it gives your computer a lot of room & even your data is also always available at your disposal. By this, space or memory availability puts a very less pressure on your CPU as it has to manage both space and speed at the same time during their outage. If you can take care of space with the help of external hard disk or SSD (Solid State Drive) then you can easily speed up your computer.


Other benefits of external Hard drive:

This is not in scope, but I want to give you other uses of external Hard Drives. The external hard drives are not very costly, you can get them very easily & the best feature of them is, your data is portable with the external hard drive. With some new type of external hard drives, it becomes extremely easy to connect, even you can connect external hard drive to your smartphone also. So with this feature, you don’t have to switch on your PC for entertainment purpose, you can simply connect it to the mobile or even smart TV’s easily for using the data in the drive.

So, investing on buying an external hard drive would make your life comfortable at both times while using your PC and when you want to access data anywhere without using the computer. 🙂






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